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Location Bangalore
Duration 2 Weeks
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  • Bangalore
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    2 Weeks


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52-53, 3rd Floor, Anam Plaza, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Near ICICI Bank,, 560034, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
52-53, 3rd Floor, Anam Plaza, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Near ICICI Bank,, 560034, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Time length: 14 days This program will provide a profound knowledge of VB.Net & Windows based applications accessing VB.Net. The laboratory session will focus on giving training to students windows base on applications development with the usage of VB.Net. This program is pd 14 days (40 % theory & 60 % lab). Modules Included Module 1 SpecificationProgramming focuses Of VB.Net complex features in Vb.Net vital input / out put in Vb.Net Data types in Vb.Net Defining variable & initializing variable Constants Operator in Vb.Net To write down simple Vb.Net program, accumulate & run it Arrays, Structure, Enumerators collection, Iteration & Conditional Statements Module 2 SpecificationObject Oriented Concepts in VB.Net Describing various points class, objects, property & methods Differences between procedure & functions Note various codes in order to describe a process & functions Note various codes for creating & initialising an object Using keywords for accessing current objects Using of access modifiers Note various codes for invoking methods on a specific object Note class constructor & invoking constructors with the usage of new with argument Polymorphism & procedures & function overloading Inheritance, overriding functions Abstracting Classs & Interface Delegated function & events Module Three SpecificationNamespace & Exceptions handler, Garbage collectors Understanding usage of namespace & to declare namespace significance of Import keywords with user defined namespaces. Explain exception Describing the usage of keywords try, catch, & finally Describing categories of exception How to access throw keyword Module Four SpecificationDot Net IDE Differences between characters based programming & programming with usage of IDE. Creating latest program with the usage of VS.Net & run it. Various types of windows like form designer,code & text editor, property window, tool box, task list window, server explorer, class view window. Feature of Navigation. Specifying methods, properties & event. Module Five SpecificationTo work With Forms Explain class libraries in order to create forms. Properties, methods & event of form objects. Complete clarification of different type of forms controls for example textbox, label & link label, button, group box, panel, combo box & list box. Module Six SpecificationFeatures of Advanced Form Complete clarification on MDI form & SDI. Briefing various dialog boxes for example save as, open etc. Few Advanced form controls for example Menu, Context menu, status bar. Few mouse events. To validate Form & field level & error provider control. To create user control. Module Seven SpecificationData Access with ADO.Net Describing Connected Vs Disconnected Data Differentiating Namespaces with the usage of for ADO.Net ADO.Net Data providers Explaining Connections, Connection string, connection security etc. Command, command parameters Use of Stored methods using command object. Various type of methods pertaining to commanding the object for example execute reader & execute scalar & execute non-query & execute XML reader etc. Benefits of Disconnected Application Discuss Data set, Data Table capacity of Data Adapter Use of various Constraints in data set. Manipulating data table Filter & Sort data rows with the use of data view object. fill in the values to Database from Dataset Data Binding Module Eight SpecificationCrystal Reports Various methods of making reports Pull model & push model Methods to review points of throw crystal report viewer from data set Module Nine SpecificationPackage & Deploy Various methods of Helping components Supporting provider control Pop up help, Tool tip control, Help button property Package & Deploy Module Ten SpecificationAssemblies Definition of assemblies Respond to DLL Hell Main points of Assemblies Assembly structures Assembly manifest Namespace, Assemblies & Components Personal & common assembly To add resources to assembly To create resource file Global assembly cache To create shared assemblies Version

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