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101 First Floor, 31+32/9, Prabhat Road Lane #5, Erandwane, 411004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
101 First Floor, 31+32/9, Prabhat Road Lane #5, Erandwane, 411004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The commencement of a decade splits the programming campsite into 2. The first camp holds onto the older programming paradigms & languages on which they have spend extended hours & efforts. An additional camp is innovative and looks onward in hospitable and accepting novel languages and approaches to indoctrination with unlock arms. Typically it’s the succeeding campsite that wins. Loving it or not, commencement of the previous 3 decades have brought on storms in the programming planet. It was UNIX and C at the commencement of 80s, Windows & C++ in the untimely 90s, and now .NET & VB.NET are all put to be the fury of the present decade.

The planet & the business that runs in this planet have all turn into ‘Internet - centric’. Its only usual that applications that assist managing business processes have also turn into Internet - centric. To expand, organize, and administer net - centric, distributed, secured and scalable application, the institute needs languages that address these troubles from the designing stage. VB.NET is the language of option for beginning these concerns
Microsoft’s .NET is a radical proceed in programming expertise that really simplifies applications growth. In adding up to provide support for conventional desktop Windows application, it provides marvelous sustenance for web - based service.
Microsoft’s well-known Visual-Basic programming language has been updated to obtain benefit of the novel .NET characteristics. Visual Basic.NET, or just VB.NET, has become a complete object - oriented programming language with characteristics known as interfaces, bequest and poly-morphism. The outcome is that there is an exact studying curve for switching to VB.NET. And studying the novel programming language is only part of the challenge. The much greater challenge is learning the .NET Framework and all its capability, counting Windows Form, Networks, X.M.L., Safety and Inter-operability.
This program targets to soften this studying curve.
The main contents of the program are as follows:


.NET Visions
.NET Frame-work
Microsoft Intermediate Language
Common Language Runtime (C.L.R.)
X.M.L. in .NET
.NET Frame-work Base Class
Designing Pattern
Common Type System (C.T.S.)
Execution Processes

O.O.P. Programming in VB.NET

Controlling Statement
Class, Object & Interface
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Property and Indexers
Exceptions Handling
Attributes and Reflection
Array, Strings and String Builder Class
Structure and Enumeration
Value Types & References Types

Window Application

Win Forms
Customs Control
Visuals Inheritance
Event and Delegate
S.D.I. or M.D.I.
Window Service
Deployment Methods

Advanced Features

Utilities & Collections Class
Threading and Synchronization
File I/O and Serialization
.NET Remote
Crystal Report
Assembly & Version
C.O.M. and Languages Inter-operability

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