Veritas NetBackup 6 x Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows

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Location Bangalore
Duration 3 Days
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    3 Days

Preparing for an Upgrade. Upgrading to NetBackup 6.x. Analyzing and Detecting Problems. Analyzing Problems. Detecting Problems Using the Activity Monitor and Reports. Detecting Problems Using NBSupport. Detecting Problems Using E-mail Notification. Detecting Problems Using NOM. Process Flow. NetBackup Architecture and Processes Review. Backup Process Flow. ·.


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560 025, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
560 025, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

DP1388 Veritas NetBackup 6.x Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows
Course Content :: Duration :: Course Fees
3 Days

INR 30000.0 plus service taxes

NetBackup 6.x Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows


This course provides instruction on troubleshooting NetBackup 6.x. After completing this course, you will be

able to:

· Upgrade from NetBackup5.x to NetBackup 6.x.

· Detect problems using tools, such as the Activity Monitor, reports, NBSupport, the NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM), and notify scripts.

· Identify the services and processes that run on the master server, media server, EMM server, and clients.

· Enable and use legacy, unified, and robust logging to troubleshoot problems.

· Back up, recover, and maintain the NBDB.

· Focus on problem resolution using tools, such as NetBackup commands and system commands and files.

· Troubleshoot new server and client installations, in addition to media, system, network, device, and other


· Correct problems and verify the problem correction.


Before attending this course, you should have:

One year of NetBackup Windows administration

Two years experience as a Windows system administrator, including networking

Familiarity with backup and restore concepts and SAN concepts

Who Can Benefit

This course is for NetBackup administrators, operators,system engineers, and technical support personnel who

Duration :3 Days

Course Fees :INR 30000.0 plus service taxes

INR 33090.00 inclusive of service taxes

Course Content :
Upgrading NetBackup
· Preparing for an Upgrade

· Upgrading to NetBackup 6.x

Analyzing and Detecting Problems
· Analyzing Problems

· Detecting Problems Using the Activity Monitor and Reports

· Detecting Problems Using NBSupport

· Detecting Problems Using E-mail Notification

· Detecting Problems Using NOM

Process Flow
· NetBackup Architecture and Processes Review

· Backup Process Flow

· Restore Process Flow

Using Debug Logs
· Log Management

· Capturing Debug Logs

· Viewing Logs

NetBackup Database Troubleshooting
· The NetBackup Relational Database (NBDB)

· NBDB Creation Process

· The EMM Domain

· EMM Server Backup Process Flow

· Protecting the NBDB

· Maintaining the NBDB

Troubleshooting Devices
· Device Error Status Codes

· DOWN Drives: Isolating Tape Drive Problems

· Troubleshooting Shared Storage

· Tape Alert

· Drive Diagnostics

Troubleshooting Media
· Media-Related Status Codes

· Troubleshooting Frozen and Suspended Media

Troubleshooting Network Issues
· PBX and VNETD Usage

· NetBackup and TCP/IP Communications

· Communication Errors

· Physical Network Failures

· NetBackup Configuration Errors (?)

Performance Tuning
· Performance Concepts

· Isolating Bottlenecks

· Addressing Bottlenecks

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