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Vriksh is a consulting practice with specialization in people development. Over 9 years of our existence we have helped clients bridge their organizational objectives and skills gaps through training and consulting solutions. There are a number of factors, which make Vriksh a unique organisation in the area of corporate solutions. Together they constitute Vriksh's corporate identity.

The mission of providing total management solutions

The expertise of Vriksh in every sphere of corporate activity makes it a single window for total management solutions. This saves out clients the complexities of and costs involved in dealing with several agencies. Further, the responsibility of results lies with Vriksh and Vriksh alone.

Our Vision

We want a company that our people are proud of and committed to, where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow and advance based on merit..... We want all our people to feel respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved. Above all, we want satisfaction from accomplishment and friendships..... and to have fun in our endeavours..

Vriksh Consulting Pvt. Ltd.