What's new in Java 8? ( Self-Paced )


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Edureka's Java 8 course covers all the new features introduced in Java 8 like functional interfaces, lambdas and streams. Developers can use Java 8 to do functional programming in Java language. This course explains all the concepts of functional programming and how to do functional programming in Java. This course also dive into very powerful Java 8 Stream API which provides a way to perform all the collection related operations very easily Java is moving fast and having knowledge of Java 8 will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. At the end of this course you will also develop a project using all the Java 8 features taught throughout the course

Course programme

1. Introducing Java 8

Learning Objectives - This module will get you started in with a quick taste of Java 8 features, their requirements and various factors leading for these changes

Topics - Quick Recap of Java, Drivers of Change in Java, Effects of Big Data world and new frameworks favoring functional programming, Behaviour Parameterization, Anonymous Classes, Lambdas, A quick look

2. Introducing Lambdas

Learning Objectives - This module will introduce the most powerful feature added in Java 8:- Lambdas and how they can be used to make your code brief, declarative and elegant

Topics - Lambdas in Summary, Some Lambda Examples, Lambda Use Cases, Functional Interfaces, Lambda in Practice

3. Working with Streams

Learning Objectives - This module you'll be introduced to Streams introduced in Java 8, their difference from Collections in Java and various examples to show working with Streams. This module will also cover advanced operations on Streams like grouping, partitioning, parallel streams. You will also revisit Lambdas from the aspect of refactoring existing codes to Lambdas, and their testing. Java 8 has introduced a feature of Default methods in interfaces. You will be introduced to this concept as well.

Topics - Introduction to Streams, Stream Basics in Java 8, Java Collections Vs Streams, Different Stream Operations, Stream Sources, Creating and Using Collectors, Reducing and Summarization of Streams, Grouping and Data partitioning operations in Streams, Introduction to Parallel Streams, Using Parallel streams effectively, Fork/Join, Refactoring a Code to Lambda expressions, Testing Lambdas, Introduction to Default Methods, Use Cases of Default Methods, Resolution rules

4. Defaults, Optionals and More

Learning Objectives - This module will investigate remaining smaller yet subtle changes in Java e.g. Defaults in Interfaces, Optionals, new Date and Time API. We will also go through some functional programming aspects and their blending with existing Java codes

Topics - What's wrong with Nulls in Java, Moving from Nulls to Optional, Optionals in Depth, New Date and time API in Java8, Reasons to go for new API, Common Operations with New Date API, Quick Functional Programming Refresher, Functional Programming techniques

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