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Committed to the cause of dog training Woodstock extended their services to their customers by offering dog-grooming services at customers' doorstep. The "Woodstock Groomobile" was welcomed by many busy dog lover's and has since been a runaway success in the city of Chennai . At every session, trained grooming specialists will bathe, brush and detick the dog, clean ears and eyes and clip toenails if required. They also extend a wide range of services to keep your dog clean, odor free and healthy.

In the year 2003 Woodstock went global by opening a branch at Chicago , USA which is offering services similar to those in Chennai. This move has given Woodstock the global reach required to provide services to wider strata of the dog lover's community.

At Woodstock we have always enjoyed working with dogs and over the years it has given us immense pleasure and satisfaction to train dogs for various purposes.

Woodstock Dog Training School