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    2 Days

Useful for Cosmetologists as the program makes it easy for them to manage Laser and Aesthetic exercise centers.
Suitable for: M.B.B.S., B.A.M.S., B.H.M.S., B.U.M.S., B.D.S., trainees, final yr. Medical students, gynecologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, beauticians, dietitians, nutritionists, experienced nurses, spa, gym, health, beauty and laser centers technicians & physiotherapists.



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Pune (Maharashtra)
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IInd Fl, Satyam Arcade, Ramwadi, Nagar Road, 411014

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About this course

Fundamental information regarding Health, Skin & beauty.

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Course programme

This training is offered by I.A.C.S.A.M. I.A.C.S.A.M. is the forges in Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicines training in the country & offers excellent teaching throughout the class on Aesthetic exercises.

The course covers the subject areas of Aesthetic exercises. It occurs once in every year & includes the newest advanced included in the aesthetic era.


Below enumerated subject areas are counted under this course:

Four kinds of LASERS in Cosmetic Exercises

Three Type of Chemical Peeling:


It is methodically practical & clear cut. The basic advance is the base of the thumb rules "keeping patient safe in mind; always upfront".


1st Day:

Skin Anatomy & Physiology


- Laser Physiology
- Kinds of Lasers
- Utilization of diverse kinds of Laser
- Suggestion/Contra suggestion
- Precaution
- Adverse Impacts

2nd Day:

Chemical Peeling:

- Diverse Kinds of Peelings
- Utilization of Peelings
- Indication/ Contra suggestion
- Safety measure
- Adverse Impacts


- Diverse Kinds
- Dermabrasion Utilization
- Indication/ Contra suggestion
- Safety measure
- Adverse effect

Derma Roller:

- Diverse kinds
- Utilization of Derma roller
- Indication/ Contra Suggestion
- Safety measures
- Adverse Impacts

While studying mentioned topics, student become capable to undertake the below enumerated circumstances:

Birth/Burned Mark
Scars & Moles
Permanent Removing of Hair
Laser Skin Upgrading
Photo upgrading
Instructions, patient compilation & methods
Contra suggestions
Post Process Care
Peel chemistry
Lactic and Phytic Acid
Retinol Peel
Other peelings
Skin care
Item information
Preface of Lasers
Laser Physiology
lasers Kinds
Hair Knowledge
Skin & Hair Typing
Selecting suitable situations
Laser security
Responding of Skin & End point
concerns after method application
Newer methodology- Radio Frequency
Infrared Device

At I.A.C.S.A.M., Institute present greatest excellence of teaching & offers creative processes to improve student's conceptions and thus assist them in getting the excellent of everything from this training course.

The course has been organized in such a manner that it offers students a complete imminent of the theme along with declaration to do the processes in aesthetic practices. On successfully completing the program, I.A.C.S.A.M. Will award participant certification to the students.

It's a 2-day workshop & the classes occur on weekends.

Fees can not be divided into parts and paid in EMI. Students are required to submit entire fees. The receipts and learning content will be dispatched to the students shortly with in 3 days from the date of deposition of amount into the center's account.

Admission Requirements:

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & surgery
Bachelor of homeopathic medicine & surgery
Bachelor of Unani Medicine & surgery
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Naturopathy or any equal course
Dietitian or relate
Health, Gym Advisor or relate Nurse
Cosmetologist Assisting, Laser Assistant

The program will include:

Learning Content

Content Price & Refreshments

If student doesn't come under these criterion but still desire to study, student can contact the institute personally, institute will go throughout your case and let you know if you are suitable for the classes.

Alongside this special annual incident we are also frequently conduct training on these subjects also: - (choose your alternatives & avail details on request)

* Seminar on Botox & Fillers
* Hands on guidance on Botox & Fillers
* Wide Hands on guidance on Botox & Fillers
* Advance Indication Seminar on Botox & Fillers
* Training on Mesotherapies
* Hands on guidance on Compiled Aesthetic Medicine
* Training on Tricology

The I.A.C.S.A.M. is dedicated to educate the artistic art of aesthetic medicine & Cosmetic Surgery in a practical, approach with safety in mind. The I.A.C.S.A.M. is the only institution where nurses, practitioner and physicians can receive formal cosmetic training in aesthetic medicine.

The fast command & recognition of the public for aesthetic medical service such as Aesthetic Medicine authenticates the significance and the requirement to normalize aesthetic training. Many untrained practitioner are performing cosmetic / aesthetic methods without acquire proper information, deepness & stage of understanding that this regulation deserve.

Aesthetic Medicine isn't a field that can function in absence of accurate teaching. The I.A.C.S.A.M. Has been developed as a expert board that is capable to fix the parameters for Aesthetic Medicine teaching. I.A.C.S.A.M. course are hands on OR workshop OR conference of consistent matter that symbolize a complete formal training. The I.A.C.S.A.M. serves to set these parameters in order to create re constructive, aesthetic medicine as a specific area of medicine.

The aim of this institute is to make sure consistent brilliance in concern of patient. The I.A.C.S.A.M. is thus, a examiner & counselor of consumer looking for aesthetic medicinal facilities.

So, Register immediately to hone abilities & facts to accomplish fresh height in your vocation.

Workshop on Aesthetic Practice

₹ 74,000 VAT incl.