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If you're looking to launch a career in animation, design, special effects, film, video games, or entertainment business, you've come to the right place. Over the past 5 years, XYZ Axis has built a reputation as one of the premier media arts schools in Chennai. Throughout the entertainment industry, XYZ Axis graduates have made their names working on design projects, live productions, working inside major media companies, and more.

XYZ Axis’s goal has always been to create an educational environment to pioneer a more effective way of learning and a better way to prepare students and professionals for their career in the computer animation and entertainment industry to provide a real education.

XYZ Axis’s courses for creative minds include Graphics Design, Web Design, 3D Animation Suit, and Special Effects (VFX) which enables you to become industry competitive. XYZ Axis curriculum is geared specifically to meet the demands of visual effects, animation and game development studios.

XYZ Axis stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics. We believe that while technology offers new tools to create your visions, it is our ultimate goal to allow you to interact transparently with the software. At XYZ Axis, we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. Therefore, our instructors are industry professionals with traditional backgrounds who started using the technology to bring their imaginations to life.

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XYZ Axis -The Virtual Animations