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  • Applying Designs to WireFrames with HTML5 and CSS3
    • Chapter 0 - Introduction
      • 0.1 Introduction
      • 0.2 Here's What We'll Create In This Course
    • Chapter 1 - From Wireframe To Design
      • 1.1 From Wireframe To Design
      • 1.2 Choosing Your Designs Colour Palette
      • 1.3 Tools For Selecting Typefaces
      • 1.4 Choosing Imagery And Design Elements
    • Chapter 2 - Getting The Design Underway
      • 2.1 Getting The Design Underway
      • 2.2 Formatting Call To Action Buttons With CSS
      • 2.3 Additional Shadow Effects To The Buttons
      • 2.4 Finishing Up The Button Formatting
      • 2.5 Typographic Treatments With Google Font API
      • 2.6 Beginning The Features Section Styling
      • 2.7 Finishing The Features Section
      • 2.8 Formatting The Organize Section
      • 2.9 Wrapping Up The Layouts Design
    • Chapter 3 - Inserting and Formatting Graphics
      • 3.1 Inserting and Formatting Graphics
      • 3.2 Setting Up The Hero Section Graphics
      • 3.3 Getting The Feature Section Images Inserted
      • 3.4 Placing The Organize and Share Images
      • 3.5 Using A Graphic As A Button Label
    • Chapter 4 - Cross-Browser Testing
      • 4.1 Cross - Browser Testing
      • 4.2 Running Virtual Operating Systems For Testing
      • 4.3 Making Minor Adjustments For Browser Compatibility
    • Chapter 5 - Wrapping Up
      • 5.1 Wrapping Up

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  • What is this course about?

    Complete HTML and CSS Suite is a comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the fundamentals of HTML, advanced HTML, HTML and CSS for Beginning Web Developers, a detailed discernment of HTML5 and develop websites comprising high-quality interactive features. With the continuous advancement in the Internet the need to develop search-engine friendly pages is on the rise. Therefore, employers are seeking trained Complete HTML and CSS professionals who are capable of making the website accessible to a huge audience.

    HTML is the custom markup language that is used for creating web pages. The web browser reads HTML files and converts them into audible or visible web pages. The HTML tags are used to interpret page content and describe the website structure. HTML elements help in creating structured documents by contributing structural semantics. CSS/CSS3 is used to describe the format and look of a specific document, which is written in a mark-up language. This is a style sheet language used for changing user interfaces that are written in XHTML and HTML. CSS is primarily designed to make the website more responsive to the audience, thereby generating greater user engagement.

    Complete HTML and CSS Suite is comprehensive and can be taken up by both beginners as well as advanced learners. HTML Development Suite is best suited for web designers, mobile app developers, web application developers, software engineers and candidates with technical background.

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