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  • Diploma
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    3 Years

Important information

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PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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· Requirements

S.S.C./I.C.S.E./C.B.S.E. ( Minimum 50% marks)

Course programme

Topics and Details

Origin, Growth & Development of Tourism
Facts of Indian Tourism. Behavioral Profile, Main Sections Of
Tourism Industry, Intermediaries. Integral Parts of Tourism
,How Above Factors Help To Promote Tourism

2 Tourism Phenomenon
Definition of Tourism, Tour, Tourist, Excursionist, visitor, Traveler
International Tourism - Inbound and
Outbound Tourist - Destination,
Origin. , Networks & Outlets Media - Indian Tourism

3 Evolution of Tourism
Ancient era - Pre & Post world war 11 - Thomas cook (Grand
circular tours) - Development of tourism in India pre / post
independence - Present status of Tourism in India. ,
Importance of Information Services in Tourism

4 Importance & Socio-Economic Significance at 4ational &
Global Level, Utility & Impact of Communication on
Tourism in India

5 Importance & Political Significance at 4ational & Global

6 Constituents of Tourism Industry - Primary Constituents -
Secondary Constituents.
5 A's of Tourism, Attraction & Accessibility, Accommodation,

Forms & Typology of Tourism
Basic Motivation for Tourism Nature Based, Leisure , Social &
Cultural - Sports
Man-made Attractions, Recreational & Wild life
Business, Shopping & Adventure Pilgrim Tourism & New
Trends (World & India)
Political, Health, VFR-Senior Citizen, Sustainable Tourism,
Alternative Tourism - Eco tourism, Agro-rural tourism. Ethnic

Impact of Tourism
Economic, Employment generation, for ex. Multiplier effect,
leakage, infrastructure development - Social and cultural
political impact - Standard of living, passport to peace,
international understanding, national integration.

9 Travel agent & Tour operator Definition, Meaning & Nature
- Role of Travel Agent and Tour Operator in tourism.
- Basic qualities

Brief history of India
(Brief account of History, major rulers and their contribution
in Indian culture & architecture)
Ancient Indian History
Indus Valley
The Aryan
The Maurya
The Gupta
Medieval Indian History
Modern Indian History (British)

2 Caves, Temple & Fort Architecture: Features, Evolution,
Styles- Indo Islamic Architecture , British Architecture
Significance to tourism

Religions of India (the origin, spread, doctrine practices, important places of pilgrimage)
Indus valley- Cult of mother goddess, Races of India
Worship of nature and its
Hinduism and Caste System

4 Iconography (Sculptures):
Meaning & Importance/ Hindu iconography/ Gods in Vedic
age/ Gods/ Goddesses/ Stories/ Legends/ Dasavatras/
Iconographical representation / Buddhist Iconography:
Dhyani, Manushi, Gautam, Future Buddha's / Jain
Iconography: Tirthankars, Gomateshwar Bahubali, )

Indian Constitution and its main features:
Flag, Anthem, Emblem, Bird, Animal

6 Indian Fairs & Festivals: Introduction/ Difference between
calendar and organized festivals/ Religious. State wise
Festivals: Origin, practice, celebrations/ Festival's influence
on Tourism and its promotion

Indian Handicrafts: Style/Technique of
Production/Description/Centers of Productions/Textiles & its
types/ Carving: Stone, Ivory, Metal, Wood /Leather craft &
Indian Paintings: Any two styles / famous painters
Yoga: Philosophy & Practices

8 Indian Music:
History, development : Types, Concepts of Raga And Taal,
Musical Instruments ( Wind, string)

9 Dances of India:
Classical Dance Types: History, style, costume, famous artists
( Bharat Natyam, Katthak, Kathakali, Oddissi, Manipuri,
Kuchipudi / Folk)
Indian Theater & Cinema: Well known Artists, Features &
Significance to tourism

10 Cuisine: Different Styles & its influence 08 18
11 Famous Literary Work: Indian Epics, Literature-Sacred &
Secular. Gandhian Philosophy.

India (Map work)
Physical division,
Political division.

2 India's Biodiversity
· Ecology of India
· Forest Wealth
· Floral plants
· Fauna
· Environmental concern Deforestation
· Land degradation
· Water
· Pollution
· Fisheries
· Nature conservation
· Wildlife preservation

3 Geographical Distribution
· Topography
· Climate, Weather
· Seasonality in tourism and
· Destinations
· Accessibility

Major cities and 3 letter codes

5 State wise 4orth, West, 4orth Eastern, East and South
Indian States
Brief historical background.
· Monuments, Forts, Palaces Temple & cave
· Hill resort.
· Beach resort.
· Wildlife Sanctuaries, National parks.
· Island resorts.
· Cultural centers / Museum and art galleries
· (Fairs and festivals centers, dance & music)
· Dress, custom, language and staple cuisine.
· Ports, River valley projects.

6 The impact of tourism on various sectors
7 Tips on health & safety

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