Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management

MIT School of Distance Education

Rs 17,000
VAT incl.
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Important information

  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    1 Year

There is huge requirement of qualified Operations Managers in today's industry. Only efficient Operation Manager can ensure the effective handling of all the activities during production, sales-service, and post-sales services. This course will open doors of opportunities in the industries like Banking, Co-operative Credit Organisations, Insurance & Investment Companies, Manufacturing industries, Automotives, Information Technology firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Companies, all Government and Semi-Government organizations, etc.

Important information

Course programme

Operation activities consist of the production of goods and providing services, value-added services, etc. Basically, these creative activities should be aligned with market opportunity for optimal enterprise performance.

Semester I

108 Technology & Operations Management
113 Management Information Systems
112 Legal Framework & Business
101 Business, Government & Society
104 Quantitative Methods

Semester II

130 Managing E-Business
131 Project Management
132 Production, Planning, & Control
128 Enterprise Resource & Planning
124 Risk Management

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