Principles of Human Rights (Diploma Postgraduate) (European Countries)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Milano (Italy) and Paris 01 Louvre (France)

£ 10,000 - (Rs 8,39,211)
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Important information


Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
Via Washington, 66 Milan, 20146, Milano, Italy
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Paris 01 Louvre
(75) Paris, France
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Course programme

Limited Contents:

Human Rights Historical Background

  • Origin of Human Rights
  • Classification of Human Rights
  • The Evolution of the Human Rights Law
  • Adoption of the UN Charter
  • From Declaration to Convention
  • Steps in the Evolution of Convention
  • The US Ratification Process
  • Reporting and Monitoring

General Principles

  • Human Rights of Individual in International Law
  • Themes in the International Human Rights Law
  • Universalism and Regionalism
  • Interdependence of Human Rights
  • The Scope of Human Rights Law – Individual and Group Rights
  • The Public/Private Divide in Human Rights Law
  • The Sui Generis Character of the International Rights Law
  • The Role of International Law (Law of Nations)
  • The Law of Aliens
  • Diplomatic Laws
  • The Laws of War – International Humanitarian Law
  • The Core International Human Rights Instruments

Achievements for this centre

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