Restoration of Paintings Master Course

Accademia Riaci - Florence (Italy)
In Florence (Italy)

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  • Master
  • Florence (Italy)
  • Duration:
    8 Months

Restoration of Paintings. Advanced Technology and Conservation. Advanced Chemical and Physical Techniques used in Examination of Art Materials. Advanced Techniques of Examinations & Documentation. Independent study in Restoration of Paintings. Developing Successful Portfolio. Diploma Project

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Via de' Conti 4, 50123, (Indicar), Italy
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Course programme

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Through lecture, studio, and laboratory classes, the students in Master Program at Accademia Riaci concentrate on: The identification of traditional and modern materials and fabrication techniques, the assessment and documentation of the physical condition and the nature and extent of deterioration of the artifact, the measures, which can be taken to prevent damage to the artifact during storage, display, and shipping, the wide variety of techniques and materials employed in the conservation of artifacts, the physical, aesthetic, and pragmatic factors that govern the selection of conservation treatment, the application of physical and chemical principles, as well as scientific methodology to conservation and preservation problems. The course structure of the curriculum provides students with simultaneous instruction in the department’s paintings, paper, and objects specialties as well as in their various subspecialties including ethnographic and archaeological materials. This program structure encourages students to integrate techniques and materials of all restoration specialties in developing solution to restoration problems. The department believes that the greatest educational benefit results when the students is exposed to the full range of problems involved in restoration work and is given experience in selecting and using the appropriate materials and methods. It requires, therefore, that each treatment undertaken by a students be carried through to completion by that student, including consideration of proper housing, display, and, where appropriate, packing and shipping. The department faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized conservator and other conservation specialists with extensive experience in conservation education.

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