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2nd Floor, 49/1 Garia Station Road, 700084, Jharkhand, India
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Starts On request
2nd Floor, 49/1 Garia Station Road, 700084, Jharkhand, India
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Course programme

DescriptionThis program brings students to the other level for those skilled with Programming necessary in SAS. On the completion of this course you will show the upper tier of SAS programmer with good level of ability in SAS programming expertise & will be more required job after in the worldwide job market.
A SAS latest programmer should be trained in works likeHow to write & interpreting SAS SQL codeHow to create & use the SAS MACRO facilityHow to use latest DATA step programming statement & efficiency methods to solve Intricate issuesBefore admitting for this course, you must have completed the Programming Essentials in SAS [SLP101] or have equivalent knowledge. Specifically, you should be able to
Course curriculum:Find the way in SAS windowing atmosphereRead different sort of data into SAS data setsValidate and clean SAS data setsMake SAS variablesSend raw data fileMake, subset, & transform dataUnite SAS data setsHow to make SAS library & programming atmosphereHow to make fundamental detail & summary reports with the use of SAS methodsrecognize & correct data syntax & programming logic errorNo early SAS experience is required. Though, before attending this course, youMust have experience in how to use computer & operate other softwares,Must be able to understand file structure & system command (on Windows operating systems).If you are not comfortable with the requirement, this course may not be proper for you.
Access Data with the use of SQLCreate detail report by working with a one table, combining tables, or using set operator in the SQL method.Create summary report by working with one table, combining tables, or how to use set operators in the SQL method.How to make sub-query and in-line view in an SQL method step.Contrast solution of a problem with the use of the SQL method versus using conventional SAS programming methods.How to reach Dictionary Tables with the use of the SQL method.Macro ProcessingHow to make & use user defined & automatic macro variables in the SAS Macro Language.Automate program by defining & calling macros with the use of the SAS Macro Language.UnderstanD the use of macro function.Use different system option that is available for macro debugging & displaying value of user defined & automatic macro variable in the SAS logCreate data driven program using SAS Macro Languagelatest Programming methodHow to show the use of latest data look up method such as array processing, hash object, formats, & combining, merging data.Reduce I/O by controlling the space required to store SAS data sets using compression methods, length statement, or eliminating variable and observation.To minimise programming time by developing reusable SAS program which combines data step views, DATA steps that writes SAS programs & the FCMP method.How to do good benchmarking by the use of the proper SAS System option & interpret the result resource using statistics.Find out the resource used by the SORT method & avoid unnecessary sorts by using proper index, data set option, BY statement option, and the CLASS statement.Find out proper application for using index & maker them using the DATA step, the DATASETS method, or the SQL method.Compare method to remove duplicate data with the use of the DATA step, the SORT method, and the SQL method.

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