ANDROID application training

Michal philips

Rs 22,000
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Important information

Typology Training
Methodology Online
Class hours 120h
  • Training
  • Online
  • 120h

Suitable for: Android is predicted to be the next-gen thing in the mobile-web world. A mobile software platform and OS based on the Linux kerne development.

Course programme

Introducing Android, Widgets and Containers, Using Selection Widgets, Employing Fancy Widgets and Container, Embedded Browsers, Menus and Messages, Dealing with Threads, Lifecycle Events, Preferences and Files, Working with Resources, Managing Local Databases, Communicating via the Internet: HTTP, Communicating via the Internet: JavaMail, Intents and Activities, Activity Introspection, Using a Content Provider, Building a Content Provider, Database-Backed Content Providers, Services and Permissions, Service AIDL, Service Behavior, Invoking a Service, Location-Based Services, Displaying Maps, Playing Media, Other Advanced APIs.