Automotive Industry: Technical and Contextual Explorations Part 2 (Diploma-Postgraduate)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Amsterdam (Netherlands), Manila (Philippines), Brussels (Belgium) and 4 other venues

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Important information

Typology Training
Location At 7 venues
Duration 10 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Training
  • At 7 venues
  • Duration:
    10 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Suitable for: This course is designed for: Mechanics. Automotive Engineers. Automotive Technicians. Drivers. Others who are interested to learn about fundamentals of automotive


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Al Farwānīyah
al-Kuwait, Kuwait
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Different dates available
Damrak 1-5, 1012, Noord Holland, Netherlands
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Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Different dates available
Champolion, 12421, Egypt, Egypt
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Different dates available
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Starts Different dates available
Al Farwānīyah
al-Kuwait, Kuwait
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Starts Different dates available
Damrak 1-5, 1012, Noord Holland, Netherlands
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Starts Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Starts Different dates available
Champolion, 12421, Egypt, Egypt
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Starts Different dates available
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Starts Different dates available
Oxford Road, 2132, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Starts Different dates available
Makati, 1200, Philippines, Philippines
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Course programme

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Computer Systems

Computers on Modern Vehicles

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Computer Control Operation

Input Sensors

Output Devices

On-Board Diagnostic Systems

Static Electricity

Electromagnetic Interference

Charging and Starting Systems


Battery Cells

Battery Construction

Battery Chemical Action

Parasitic Battery Loads

Identifying Battery Terminals

Dry-Charged Battery

Charging System


Alternator Control

Starter System

Starter Motor Principles

Starter Motor Construction

Starter Drive System

Starter Solenoid

Starter Actuating Switches

Chassis Electrical

Chassis Wiring

Wire Sizes

Wiring Harness

Manu Circuits

Color Coding

Terminal Blocks

Junction Blocks

Circuit Protection Devices

Vehicle Lights and Light Switches


Stoplight and Switches

Turn Signals and Switches

Backup Lights and Switches

Dashboard Lights

Convenience Lights

Chassis Mounted Solenoids and Relays

Motor Control Relays

Trunk Release Solenoids

Power Door Lock Solenoid

Horns and Horn Relays

Rear Window and Mirror Defroster

Chassis Mounted Motors

Windshield Wiper Motors and Controls

Power Window, Tail Gate, Sliding Door and Sunroof Motors

Convertible Top Motors and Switches

Power Antenna Motors and Switches

Electric Gauges

Cruise Control

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Operator Controls and Control Module

Throttle Actuator

Air Bag Systems

Diagnostic Control Module

Impact Sensors

Coil Assembly and Inflator Module

Air Bag Operation

Side Air Bags

Holding Members


Multiple Disc Clutch

Overrunning Clutches

Hydraulic Control System

Fluid Pump

Control Valves

Simple Hydraulic System

Transmission And Transaxle Shifting

Complete Control Circuit

Transmission Case

Transmission Lubrication

Fluid Filter

Fluid Cooling

Axles and Drives

Rear Wheel Drive Shafts

Drive Shaft Flexibility

Universal Joint

Slip Yoke

How The Wheels Drive in the Vehicle

Hotchkiss Drive

Universal Joint and Fluctuating Shaft Speed

Constant Velocity (CV) Axles

CV Axle Shafts

Types of CV Joints

CV Joint Boots

Rear-Wheel Drive Axle Assemblies

Rear-Wheel Drive Axle Components

Axle Housing

Solid Axles

Independent Axles

Types of Axles

Differential Construction

Ring and Pinion

Differential Operation

Differential Carrier and Bearings

Limited-Slip Differential

Ring And Pinion Adjustments

Gear Ratio

Axle Lubrication

Transaxle Differential


Four-Wheel Drive Front Drive Axles

Front Axle Steering Provision


Hydraulic Basics



Hydraulic Principles in Vehicle Brake Systems

Brake Fluid

Master Cylinder

Master Cylinder Construction

Dual Brake System

Quick Take-Up Master Cylinder

Master Cylinder Operation

Brake System Hydraulic Control Valves

Proportioning Valve

Height Sensing Proportioning Valve

Disc Brake Metering Valve

Pressure Differential Switch

Combination Valve

Brake Lines

Brake Hoses

Disc Brake Calipers

Caliper Operation

Wheel Cylinders

Wheel Cylinder Construction

Wheel Cylinder Operation

Hydraulic System Failure

Air-Free Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Vapour Lock

Brake Friction Members

Coefficient of Friction

Friction Linings

Brake Fade

Disc Brake Assembly

Brake Pad Construction

Braking Ratio

Backing Plate

Drum Brake Assembly

Brake Shoe Assembly

Brake Drum

Drum Brake Operation

Drum Brake Arrangement

Self-Adjusting Brakes

Parking Brakes

Power Brake Systems

Vacuum-Assisted Power Booster

Vacuum Power Booster Construction

Vacuum Power Booster Operation

Other Vacuum Booster Types

Vacuum Reservoir

Booster Failure

Hydraulic Pressure-Operated Power Booster

Hydraulic Power Booster Operation

Hydraulic Accumulator

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)

Anti-Lock Brake System Components

Anti-Lock Brake Operation

Traction Control Systems

Brake Lights

Suspension Systems

The Need For A Suspension System

Spring Weight

Unsprung Weight

Suspension System Components

Vehicle Frames


Leaf Springs

Coil Springs

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorber Control Action

Shock Absorber Construction

Shock Absorber Operation

Air Shock Absorbers

Control Arms And Struts

Ball Joints

Stabilizer Bars

Front Suspension Systems

Conventional Independent Front Suspension

Coil Spring Front Suspension

Torsion Bar Front Suspension

Macpherson Strut Front Suspension

Solid Axle Front Suspension

Rear Suspension Systems

Solid Rear Axle Suspensions

Independent Rear Suspensions

Suspension Lubrication

Automatic Level Control

Automatic Level Control Operation

Air Compressor

Height Control Valve

Computerized Ride Control Systems

Steering Systems

Steering Systems

Spindle And Steering Arm Assembly

Steering Linkage

Parallelogram Linkage

Parallelogram Component Arrangement

Rack-And-Pinion Linkage

Steering Wheel, Steering Shaft And Steering Gear

Steering Wheel

Steering Shaft

Steering Gear

Manual Track-And-Pinion Steering Gear

Power Steering

Road Feel

Power Steering Components

Self-Contained Power Steering Gear Components

Inline Unit With Torsion Bar and Rotating Spool Valve

Rack-and-Pinion Power Steering

Power Steering Pumps

Power Steering Hoses and Tubing

Manual Operation Power Steering Systems

Power Steering Fluids

Electronic Steering Controls

Wheels and Tires


Steel Wheels

Custom Wheels

Wheel Rim Size

Wheel Lug Bolts and Nuts

Wheel Hubs and Bearings

Wheel Bearings

Bearing Retaining Devices


Tire Construction

Tire Rating Information

Tire Quality Grading

Special Service Tires

Correct Vehicle Tire

Tire Valves

Importance of Tire Pressure

Tire Rotation

Tire Runout and Balance

High Speeds and Overloading Produce Heat and Excessive Water

Wheel Alignment

Purpose of Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Angles

Types of Wheel Alignment

Alignment Measurement Values



Steering Axis Inclination


Toe-Out on Turns

Slip Angles

Steering Geometry

Alignment Adjustments

Thrust Angle

Front Wheel Adjustments

Rear Wheel Adjustments

Tire Wear Patterns and Alignment

Alignment Equipment

Worn Parts Checking Before Alignment

Other Factors That Can Affect Alignment

Air Conditioning and Heating

Purposes of Automotive Air Conditioning

Principles of Refrigeration


Effects of Heat

Transference of Heat




From Hot to Cold Heat Transfer

States of Matter

Latent Heat

Pressure-Temperature Relationship

Types of Refrigerant

How The Refrigeration System Works

Types of Refrigeration Systems

Major Components of the Air Conditioning System


Basic Compressor Designs

Pressure Relief Valve

Compressor Magnetic Clutch


Refrigerant Flow Restrictor


Blower Motor

Lines and Hoses



Evaporator Pressure Controls

Service Valves

Refrigerant Oil

Refrigerant Handling Precautions


Heater Systems

Air Distribution and Control

Heater-Air Conditioning Control Systems

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