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Kottayam (Kerala)
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Priyadarshini Hills P.O., 686560

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Course programme


The Mahatma Gandhi University offers B.A. MRIDANGAM course to its students. The course structure is designed in keeping with the competencies required to excel today. The Brief Structure for it is as follows

Core Course - Traditional Logic
Complementary Course -1. Indian Aesthetics
2. Sociology - Development of Sociological Theories
I. Guiding principles of laya for svara rendering

1. Anuloma-Pratiloma laya exercises for 35 talas in three degrees of speed.

2. Methodology in the formation of koruva for varieties of chappu tala

3. Formation of muthaiyyupu for different talas

II. Avanadha vadyas

1. Study on the avanadha vadyas used in temple rituals.

2. Agosha and anushtana vādyas

3. Upa vadyas

1. Study on the various upa-vadyas used in karantic music concert.

2* Open Course - 2

I. ragam, tanam, pallavi

Ability to prepare Thathakaram for a given Sahitya of a Pallavi and to set Tani Avarthanam.

II. Navasandhi talas

Study on the Principles of Navasandi Talas used in temple rituals.

III. Talas figuring in Tullal

Study on the Tala system adopted in Thullal by

Kunjan Nambiar
Mahatma Gandhi University, always in the forefront of the higher education sector of Kerala, is now restructuring the study Programmes.The revised structure and content of these courses intend to attain new heights and horizons of knowledge emerging in the various phases of life. This new and meaningful changes gives emphasis on student choice and self-learning. Choice based credit semester system is the main feature of the new system. This new system will provide ample space for qualitative transformation from the existing system.


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