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Priyadarshini Hills P.O., 686560, Kerala, India
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Priyadarshini Hills P.O., 686560, Kerala, India
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The Mahatma Gandhi University offers B. A.MUSIC (VOCAL) course to its students. The course structure is designed in keeping with the competencies required to excel today. The Brief Structure for it is as follows:

1. Saptasvaras, Sarali varisas, Janta varisas, Dhatu varisas, Mandrasthayi varisas, Madhyasthayi varisas,

Tarasthayi varisas with Akara sadhakam in 3 degrees of speed in Mayamalavagaula raga as described

in the Dakshinendyan Sangitam of Shri.A.K.Ravindranath - Page Nos. 279 to 288.

2. Sapta tala alankaras with Akara sadhakam in 3 degrees of speed in the following 6 ragas

a. Sankarabharanam

b. Kalyani

c. Mohanam

d. Hamsadhvani

e Pantuvarali

f mayamalavagaula

3. Three Gitams in any of the following 6 ragas

a. Malahari


c. Kalyani

d. Saveri

e. Sudha Saveri

d. Arabhi

e. Geetham - 3

4. Simple Jathiswaram - 1

1. Ability to play preliminary svara exercises

a. Sarali varisas

b. Janta varisas

c. Madhyasthayi varisas

1. Distinctive features of Indian music

2. Cultural,Intellectual,Emotional,Spiritual values of music

3. Technical terms and their explanations.

a. Nadam

b. Sruti

c. Svaram - Svara nomenclature

d. Sthayi

e. Graha

f. Nyasa

g. Amsa

h. Tala -Sapta talas and their angas, shadangas.

4. Life sketch and contributions of the following vaggeyakaras

a. Purandaradasa and

b.Trinity (Thyagaraja,Muthuswamy Dikshitar,Syama Sastri)
1.Simple Swarajathi - 1

2. Adi tala varnam - 3 ( in any 3 of the following ragas)

a. Mohanam b.Sankarabharanam c.Abhogi d. Hamsadwani e. Pantuvarali f. Vasanta

3. Simple kritis in any two of the following ragas

a. Hamsadhvani

b. Mohanam

c. Mayamalavagaula

d. Sankarabharanam

4. Tarangam or any simple Divyanama Sankirtanam of Saint Thyagaraja-1

5. An outline knowledge of raga alapana of the following ragas.

a. Mohanam


Mahatma Gandhi University, always in the forefront of the higher education sector of Kerala, is now restructuring the study Programmes.The revised structure and content of these courses intend to attain new heights and horizons of knowledge emerging in the various phases of life. This new and meaningful changes gives emphasis on student choice and self-learning. Choice based credit semester system is the main feature of the new system. This new system will provide ample space for qualitative transformation from the existing system.

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