Corporate Governance: Principles and Practice,Inc. Financial Risk Management(Diploma Postgraduate)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Milano (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium)

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Important information

Typology Training
Location At 2 venues
Duration 10 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Training
  • At 2 venues
  • Duration:
    10 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Suitable for: Industrial Advisers. Industrial Administrators. Industrial Engineers. Postgraduate Progressing to Postgraduate Diploma and MA, MBA, MSc. Industrial Engineers. Industrial Planners. Industrial Researchers. Senior Administrators. Managers. Supervisors. Team Leaders. Corporate Secretaries. Those interested in Corporate Functions and Corporate Affairs


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Different dates available
Via Washington, 66 Milan, 20146, Milano, Italy
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Starts Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Starts Different dates available
Via Washington, 66 Milan, 20146, Milano, Italy
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Course programme

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

Functions of Management: An Introduction

· Profiling Managers at different organisational levels

· Planning

· The Planning Hierarchy

· Difference Between Strategic, Tactical and Operational Plans

· Standing Plan

· Organising

· Organisational Structure and Design

· Effective organising

· Division of Work

· Departmentalising

· Establishing Vertical and horizontal relationships and formal communication channels

· Establishing the mechanism whereby the organisational activities can be co-ordinated

· Desirable level of specialisation

· Level of worker autonomy and managerial control.

· Levels of Managerial Control & Worker Autonomy

· Span Of Management/Control or Span of Management

· Degree of decision-making and operational centralisation or decentralisation

· Tall or Flat Structure

· Directing/Leading

· Co-ordinating

· Mutual adjustment - with informal communication

· Direct supervision

· Standardisation of work Process

· Standardisation of input - skills, knowledge and attitudes

· Standardisation of output

· Controlling

· The Management Of Quality.

Key Principles of Corporate Governance

· Defining corporate governance

· Exploring corporate governance and the relationships between internal and external

· stakeholders

· The organisation’s responsibility and accountability to its shareholders

· The organisation’s accountability to its Board of Directors

· Making ‘sense’ of the ‘internal-external-stakeholder-spectrum’

· The difference between ordinary and preference shareholders

· Distinguishing between winding up or insolvency, Bankruptcy, Receivership, and

· Administration

· Assessing the implications of the ‘Receivership’ of a company for its statutory, primary and

· secondary creditors

· Rules for distributing the proceeds of a company’s assets in ‘Receivership’

· Rights and equitable treatment of shareholders: Interests of other stakeholders

· Recognising the organisation’s legal obligations to all legitimate stakeholders.

· Role and responsibilities of the board

· Integrity and ethical behaviour: Disclosure and transparency:

The Business Plan: A Guide to Entrepreneurs and Investors

· The Business Plan: A Guide To Entrepreneurs and Investors

· The Business Plan as A Guide to the Entrepreneur

· Using the Business Plan to Attract Investors and ‘Fund Holders’

· What Should Be Included in the Business Plan

· Tweaking The Business Plan Without Losing the ‘Focus’

· Establishing Contingency: The Most Unlikely Scenario

Internal and External Organisational Analysis

· Organisation: A Definition

· Organisational typologies

· Social Organisations

· Business and Non-business organisations: A Distinction

· Organisational Objectives

· Social Objectives

· Business Objectives

· The objective hierarchy

· Tasks

· Division Of Work/Labour

· Delegation

· Responsibility

· Accountability

· Internal Organisational Accountability

· External Organisational Accountability

· Accountability to owners/sponsors

· Accountability to clients/users/customers

· Accountability to Creditors

· Accountability to Sector or Industry

· Accountability to the State

· Authority

· The first facet of authority relates

· The second facet of authority relates

· Traditional authority

· Legitimate authority

· Professional authority

· Power

· Organisational power sources

· Organisational Power centres

Company Formation and Legal Status: Important Corporate Issues

· Company Formation and Legal Status: Important Corporate Issues

· Company legal status categorisation

· Factors associated with a choice of legal status of a company

· Issues in favour of and mitigating against particular legal status

· Legal requirement for company formation

· Company legal status and reporting requirement

· Company legal status and accounting requirement

· Company legal status and accounting reporting

· International trade and legal requirement

· Import and Export VS National, Regional and International Embargo

Risk Management and Corporate Governance: An Introduction

· Risk: A Working Hypothesis

· Defining Risk – Generally

· Financial Risk: A Plausible Definition

· Financial Risk in an Organisational Setting

· Financial Risk and ‘Market Dynamics’

· Liquidity Risk

· Operating Risk

· Fraud Risk

· Settlement Risk

· Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

· The Currency Derivatives Market

· Financial Risk and Unpredictability: Uncontrollable Environmental Issues

· Asset Behaviour and Pricing Implications

· Credit and Counterparty Risk

· The Legal and Political Risk Environments

· Risk as an Economic Factor

· Technological Risk Factor

· Risk associated with Socio-Cultural Change

· Financial Risk Settings: A Meta-Analytical Exploration

· Risk in Financial Institutions

· Banking Risk

· Risk and the Currency Market

· Risk and the Equity Market

· Futures Market Risk

· Financial Exposure As Risk: An Introduction

· Economic Exposure

· Transaction Exposure

· Translation Exposure

· Calculating Risk in Financial Exposure

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