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1st Floor, 'Ishkrupa', Near Bassein Catholic Co.Op. Bank, Gajbhat, Agashi. Virar West, 401301, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
1st Floor, 'Ishkrupa', Near Bassein Catholic Co.Op. Bank, Gajbhat, Agashi. Virar West, 401301, Maharashtra, India
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A Para-sail is a parachute that moves in upward direction. It is developed to be towed at the back of jeep or boat. The traveler is connected to the Para-sail's contented harness, as the pre-flight checks are completed the take-off assistants signal the driver of the drag automobile, the traveler takes some steps -- and fly into the air. As it depends on the length of the drag rope, the parasail can carry the candidate to hundreds of miles into the sky.

There are 2 methods for Para-sailing - Stationery pull in winch and traditional-towing. This imparts the flexibility to function mainly in any region with open sky.
If the candidate has been to beach-resort destinations overseas or in Goa, the traveler is probably seen Para-sail's elating riders' sky-ward.

The travel is wonderful and methodically enjoyable. The Para-sail is steady so the traveler enjoys the travel with no having to guide. Landings are simple: the tow-vehicle slow down and the traveler is gently taken to land. Duty for the security of the traveler depends on a great level on the group assisting out in this activity. The group has been offering rides for over five years and has practice of lifting Para-gliders so the person is in complete secure hands.

Para-sailing is the novel attraction at traveler locations in India. Though leisure Para-sails have been approximately for more than thirty years, more well-organized modern designs have made it easier than captivating a joyride in a roller-coaster.

If the person has never flown, the liberty of flight is waiting for you. Flying in the Para-sail is an airborne adventure that the whole family can get pleasure from it.

The main steps to be taken for this Para-sailing are:
The institute uses a stationery lifter for towing-up the Para-sail. The take off and flight fields are obvious of obstacles, trees and rocks. The institute has an accomplished winch worker who is also a Para glider pilot, a qualified individual to provide launch and a qualified individual at landing. The ground crew is obtainable as supporters.

The main pre checks to be done are as follow:
Pre-flight inspections of all the mechanism is necessary and insures its flight eagerness. If the breeze conditions are not secure we stay for conditions to get better. There are responsible persons at take off who make sure that the passengers have all the straps and are brief about hands positions. There is also surety that the person knows the ways to balance himself during take-off and after landing. On Hard surfaces the flyer wears a helmet, knee and elbow guards for defense.
The way of landing:
The flight is ended while going into the winds; going to land will be quicker to the winch. The winch worker reduces the power and the flyer quietly drifting downward.