Diploma in Adobe Flash (Level I + II )

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Methodology Online
Class hours 75h
  • Diploma
  • Online
  • 75h

Course programme

The curriculum includes the folowing:
Adobe Flash
Action Script(Level I)
Action Script(Level II)



An extremely popular multimedia authoring and playback system from Adobe. Flash formats are used for most of the animated ads and video clips on today's Web sites. Flash Lite is a version for mobile phones.
Created in authoring applications, such as Flash MX and Flash Professional, Flash "movies" in the .SWF file format are played back in Adobe's Flash Player within the Web browser or from a stand-alone application that accesses the Player.
Flash animations became very popular because they support vector images, which are very space efficient for illustrations on the Web. They also scale up and down with accurate detail when the window is resize

Salient Features

Create high-performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences that quickly engage users.
Take advantage of a new, flexible text engine that brings print-quality publishing to the web
Add real-time dynamic effects with built-in filters for blur, drop shadow, glow, bevel, gradient glow, gradient bevel, displacement map, convolution, and color matrix
Deliver web applications with accurate color, so your favorite web destinations look the way they were intended
Bring your designs to life with animation and compositing capabilities, such as support for alpha channels, masking, and layering. Create stunning motion graphics integrated with images and video.


Animated Graphics
Animation for Web
Interactive Elements
Corporate Presentation


Adobe ActionScript is the programming language of the Adobe Flash Platform. Originally developed as a way for developers to program interactivity, ActionScript enables efficient programming of Adobe Flash Platform applications for everything from simple animations to complex, data-rich, interactive application interfaces.
This manual provides a foundation for developing applications in Adobe ActionScript 3.0. It discusses core ActionScript 3.0 concepts, including language syntax, statements and operators, and object-oriented ActionScript programming


ActionScript 3.0 contains a host of powerful new features that can greatly speed the development process
ActionScript 3.0 consists of two parts: the core language and the Flash Player API
The core language defines the basic building blocks of the programming language, such as statements, expressions, conditions, loops, and types
ActionScript 3.0 includes native support for regular expressions so you can quickly search for and manipulate strings

Working with Multimedia

Flash Action Script Excercise

Faculty start
Password start
Particle Loop
Particles toggle caching
Zapper cache As Bitmap
Tween Class demo
Sound Loader

C & C++ (Basics)

Condition construct.
Looping construct.

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