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Typology Certificate
Location Bangalore
Duration 6 Days
  • Certificate
  • Bangalore
  • Duration:
    6 Days


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jayanagar, 56011, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
jayanagar, 56011, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

DUCCE v1.0 - Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Software v8.0
Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Lab & Lecture Course

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
• Demonstrate an overall understanding of the Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 system, processes, and its environment
• Install and configure a Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 system
• Create routing options using an external SQL database and an Application Gateway
• Install and configure Cisco Outbound Option
• Install and utilize Cisco Support Tools, Cisco Analysis Manager, and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Course Outline
• Module 1: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0 Overview
o Lesson 1: Presenting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0
 About Cisco Unified CCE v8.0
 Benefits of Cisco Unified CCE v8.0
 Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Options
o Lesson 2: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0 Deployment Models
 Deployment Models
 Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Networks
 Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 QoS
 Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Hardware and Software Compatibility
 Introduction to PPDIOO
• Module 2: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0 Component Architecture
o Lesson 1: Understanding Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0 Processes
 Simple Startup
 Simple Preroute Call Flow
 ICM Processes
 Simplex Central Controller Startup
 Simplex Peripheral Gateway Startup
 Administration & Data Server Startup
 Configuration Change Sequence
o Lesson 2: Understanding Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0 Fault Tolerance
 Fault Tolerance Goals
 ICM Fault Tolerance Methods
 Central Controller Initialization
 Enabled Synchronizer Messaging
 Disabled Synchronizer Messaging
 Route Request Messaging
 Loss of Private Network
 Peripheral Gateway Communications
 Central Controller Node Failure Scenarios
• Module 3: Installing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v8.0
o Lesson 1: Introduction
 System Peripheral Gateway Deployments
 Call Flows
 Parent-Child Call Flow Summaries
 Module 3 Labs
o Lesson 2: Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager
 What Is Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
 Terms Used in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
 Configuring Basic Objects in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
o Lesson 3: Integrating Cisco Unified IP IVR
 What Is Cisco Unified IP IVR?
 Cisco Unified CCX Script Editor
 Prompt and Script Management
 Configuring Basic Objects in Cisco Unified IP IVR
 Call Flows
o Lesson 4: Installing the Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Main Installer
 Domain Models
 Main Installer Installation
 Domain Manager
 ICM Instance
o Lesson 5: Installing the Central Controller
 Installing Router A
 Installing Logger A
 Administration & Data Servers
o Lesson 6: Installing the Peripheral Gateway
 Peripheral Gateway Configuration
 Peripheral Gateway Setup
o Lesson 7: Agent Desktop Options
 Cisco CTI Server
 Cisco CTI OS Toolkit
 Cisco Agent Desktop
 CRM Connectors
o Lesson 8: Installing CTI Services
 CTI Server Setup
 CTI OS Server Setup
 CTI OS Client Installation
o Lesson 9: Completing the Configuration
 ACD Configurations
 Translation Route Configuration
 Basic ICM Script
• Module 4: Database and Application Driven Routing Options
o Lesson 1: External Database Routing
 Creating a Database
 ICM Configuration
 ICM Script
o Lesson 2: Application Gateway
 Application Gateway Overview
 Cisco Unified IP IVR Script
 ICM Configuration
• Module 5: Installing Cisco Outbound Option
o Lesson 1: Cisco Outbound Option Overview
 Cisco Outbound Option Basics
 Cisco Outbound Dialer Call Flows
o Lesson 2: Cisco Outbound Option Installation
 Configuration and Installation Summary
 Configuration and Installation
 Campaign Configurations
• Module 6: Reporting and Maintenance Tools
o Lesson 1: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Overview
 Benefits and Features
 Deployment Models and Licensing
 Administration
o Lesson 2: Cisco Support Tools
 Cisco Support Tools Overview
 Support Tools Utilities
 Cisco Common Tools Examples
 Support Tools Server Installation
 Support Tools Node Installation
 Using Support Tools
 Working with Log Files
o Lesson 3: Cisco Unified Analysis Manager
 Cisco Unified Analysis Manager Overview
 Inventory
 Tools
 Administration
Lab Outline
Lab 3-1: Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Lab 3-2: Configuring Cisco Unified IP IVR
Lab 3-3: Installing the ICM Main Installer
Lab 3-4: Installing the ICM Central Controller
Lab 3-5: Installing the PG Generic Peripheral Gateway
Lab 3-6: Installing CTI Services
Lab 3-7: Completing the Installation
Lab 4-1: External Database Routing
Lab 4-2: Application Gateway
Lab 5-1: Cisco Outbound Option Installation
Lab 6-1: Cisco Support Tools Installation

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