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Gurukul, promoted by a veteran team of professionals with rich experience drawn from diverse domains, offers empowerment programs that bring out the true potential in an individual enhancing the quality of his/her working in both personal and professional life.

Educative, informative, relevant and current, Gurukul's courses are much more than a compendium of management ideas and insights, sourced and distilled from the best of the gurus, past and present.

Gurukul's courses are a step-by-step drawdown of Management Mentoring Derivatives derived from the Best Practices of successful companies and the untold wisdom of traditional and modern intrapreneurs, the backroom managers who drive a company's profits and define its eminence in the industry.

The course provides unique insights into little known synergies and divergences between college curriculums and boardroom Best Practices, business theory and industry practice, distilled from the accumulated experience of a veteran Faculty in Management Mentoring.

Gurukul Academy