International Finance and Financial Services(Intensive Full-Time) (Postgraduate Diploma) London

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Al Farwānīyah (Kuwait)

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Important information

Typology Master
Location Al farwānīyah (Kuwait)
Duration 60 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Master
  • Al farwānīyah (Kuwait)
  • Duration:
    60 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Suitable for: Accountants. Financial Executives. Executive Directors. Deputy Directors. Senior Managers. Fund Managers. Bankers. Corporate Treasurers. Financial and Budget Controllers. Financial Journalists. Financial Analysts. Auditors. Professionals in Department of Finance


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Different dates available
Different dates available
Al Farwānīyah
al-Kuwait, Kuwait
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Starts Different dates available
Different dates available
Different dates available
Al Farwānīyah
al-Kuwait, Kuwait
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Course programme

International Financial Markets and Environment

The World of International Finance

  • Unique Dimensions of International Finance
  • The Benefits of Studying International Finance
  • The Growing Importance of International Finance

The Market for Foreign Exhange

An Introduction to Exchange Rates

  • The Foreign Banknote Market
  • Direct vs. Indirect Exchange and Cross Exchange Rates

Forward Exchange

  • What Is Forward Foreign Exchange?
  • Forward Exchange Premiums and Discounts
  • Forward Rates vs. Expected Future Spot Rates
  • Payoff Profiles on Forward Exchange
  • Outright Forward Exchange and Swaps
  • The Flexibility of Forward Exchange
  • Forward Quotations

Currency Futures and Options Markets

  • Currency Futures
  • Currency Options
  • Forwards, Futures, and Options Compared

The fundamental International Parity Conditions

The Purchasing-Power Parity Principle (PPP

  • Absolute (Static) Form of the PPP Condition
  • The Relative (Dynamic) Form of PPP
  • Efficient Markets (Speculative) Form of PPP
  • The Empirical Evidence on PPP
  • Departures from PPP
  • Statistical Problems of Evaluating PPP
  • Importance of PPPThe Law of One Price

Interest Parity

  • The Investment and Borrowing Criteria
  • The Covered Interest Parity Condition
  • Combining PPP and Interest Parity
  • Why Covered Interest Differences Persist

The Determination of Exchange Rates

The Balance of Payments

  • Influences on Currency Supply and Demand
  • Principles Of Balance-Of-Payments Accounting
  • Balance-Of-Payments Entries and the Factors That Influence Them
  • Implications of The Balance-of-Payments Accounting Identity
  • The Net International Investment Position
  • Objectives of Economic Policy

Supply-And-Demand View of Exchange Rates

  • Imports, Exports, and Exchange Rates
  • The Factors Affecting Exchange Rates
  • The Stability of Exchange Rates
  • Short-Run Versus Long-Run Trade Elasticities and The J Curve

Asset-Based Theories of Exchange Rates

  • Stock vs. Flow Theories of Exchange Rates
  • The Monetary Theory of Exchange Rates
  • The Asset Approach to Exchange Rates
  • The Portfolio-Balance Approach to Exchange Rates
  • Theories of Exchange-Rate Volatility

Fixed (Pagged) and Flexible Exchange Rates

Alternative Systems of Exchange Rates

  • The Classical Gold Standard System
  • The Bretton Woods and Dollar Standards
  • The European Monetary System (EMS)
  • Hybrid Systems of Exchange Rates
  • Target Zones

The International Financial System: Past, Present, and Future

  • The Past
  • The Present
  • The Future
  • Fixed vs. Flexible Exchange Rates

Macroeconomic Dimensions of International Finance

  • Policy Effectiveness
  • Policy Conflicts

Part II- International financial Management

Foreign Exchange Risk and Exposure

Managing Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk

  • Understanding Risk and Exposure and Measuring Them
  • The Nature of Exchange-Rate Risk And Exposure
  • Foreign Exchange Exposure, Examples
  • Exposure as a Regression Slope
  • Defining Foreign Exchange Risk
  1. Exposure, Risk, and the Parity Relationships
  2. Operating Exposure
  3. Operations Affected By Exchange Rates
  4. The Exporter
  5. The Importer
  6. Summary Of Effects Of Exchange Rates On Exporters And Importers
  7. Effect Of Currency Of Invoicing And Forward Hedging
  8. Measuring Exposure: An Alternative Approach

Hedging and Speculation

Hedging Risk and Exposure

  • Managerial Hedging vs. Shareholder Hedging
  • The Cost of Forward Hedging
  • The Benefit of Forward Hedging
  • Financial Engineering
  • Company Hedging Policy

Exchange-Rate Forecasting And Speculation

  • Speculation
  • Market Efficiency
  • Exchange-Rate Forecasting

International Investing and Financing

Cash Management

  • Cash Management, Objectives
  • Investment and Borrowing Choices with Transaction Costs
  • International Dimensions of Cash Management

Portfolio Investment

  • The Benefits of International Portfolio Investment
  • International Capital Asset Pricing
  • Bonds and International Portfolio Diversification
  • Settlements of International Portfolio Investments

International Dimensions of Capital Budgeting

  • Selecting Projects
  • Difficulties in Evaluating Foreign Projects
  • Cash Flows
  • Discount Rates: Corporate vs. Shareholder Perspectives
  • The Adjusted Present Value Technique
  • Selecting the Appropriate Discount Rates
  • Actual Practice of Capital Budgeting

The Growth of and Concerns About Multinationals

  • The Growth of Multinational Corporations
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Country Risk
  • Problems and Benefits from the Growth of Multinational Corporations
  • Transnational Alliances

International Dimensions of Long-Term Financing

  • Equity Financing
  • Bond Financing
  • Bank Financing, Direct Loans, and the Like
  • Government and Development-Bank Lending
  • Other Factors Affecting the Financing of Subsidiaries
  • Financial Structure

Institutional Structure of International Trade and Finance

Multinational Banking

  • The Eurodollar and Offshore Currency Markets
  • Multinational Banking

Instruments and Institutions of International Trade

  • Extra Dimensions of International Trade
  • International Trade Involving Letters of Credit
  • The Financing of International Trade
  • Countertrade
  • The Institutions Regulating International Trade

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