Master of Dental Surgery ( Conservative, Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry )

Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences
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Describe aetiology, pathophysiology, periapical diagnosis and management of common Restorative situations, Endodontic situations that will include contemporary management of dental caries, management of trauma and Pulpal pathoses including Periodontal situations.


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522509, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
522509, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

The Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences offers Master of Dental Surgery (Conservative, Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry) to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:


It is globally recognized today that Conservative dentistry and Endodontics covers basic knowledge of all restorative materials and materials associated with Endodontics. It is also recognized that the area of Conservative dentistry includes knowledge of ental caries and treatment modalities associated with management of dental caries. Basic advanced knowledge of non-carious lesions of mineralized tissues and of carious lesion is essential. Basic and advanced knowledge of biological basis of Endodontics and management of all Endodontics and management of all Endodontic situations, which includes all aspects of diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment modalities are also mandatory. An individual specializing in restorative dentistry should also have knowledge of allied specialties like Periodontics/Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry.

Considered Subdivisions for Course Contents Shall Be Under

* Basic Sciences
* Dental Materials
* Conservative Dentistry
* Endodontics
* Aesthetic Dentistry
* Allied Specialty Knowledge


Advanced knowledge of dental materials
History and development of all related materials associated with Conservative dentistry Impression materials / restorative materials / investments / casting alloys and all other materials used in Conservative dentistry.
Physical properties of all restorative materials and materials used in casting procedures.


* Detailed systemic history taking, clinical exercises of various systems coming to a provisional diagnosis.
* Rational of diagnostic tests
* Medical laboratory tests / dental diagnostic tests.
* Informed consent and medico legal issues.


* Communications skills with patients
* Concept of essential drugs and rationalization of drugs
* Principles of evidence based dentistry


Includes adult and Paedo-Endodontics

* Cross infection control in the dental laboratory and clinics.
* Advanced knowledge of all aspects of Endodontics, including diagnostics, treatment modalities, materials, techniques & controversies.
* Methods of sterilization / asepsis in clinics
* Instruments and instrumentation – advanced knowledge.
* Surgical microscopes-loops/ enlarged vision in Endodontics and recent concepts and controversies.
* Management of pain as related to Endodontics
* Advanced knowledge of biological basis for Endodontics.
* Advanced knowledge on preventive Endodontics
* Advanced knowledge of development of histology, pathology, actiopathology of pulp and associated periodontal tissues.
* Advanced knowledge of internal anatomy / variations and its implications in delivery of high level Endodontic care.
* Advanced knowledge of radiology as related to Endodontics.
* Basic and advanced knowledge of Microbiology as related to micro flora of pulp space in particular and oral cavity in general, including culture methods and taxonomy of Microbial flora of pulp space.
* Vital pulp therapy / advanced knowledge.
* Basic and advanced knowledge on all phases of contemporary and advanced Endodontic therapy, including ACCESS CAVITY PREPARATION / PULP SPACE PREPARATION / DEBRIDEMENT / CONCEPT OF STERILE PULP SPACE / METHODS OF OBTURATION & ACCESS RESTORATIVES.
* Drugs and chemicals including intra canal medicaments
* Management of traumatized anterior & posterior teeth and associated structures
* Basic and advanced knowledge of all types of Endodontic surgeries / ENDOPERIO SURGICAL SITUATIONS / Endodontic Endosseous implants.
* Biology of bone healing/ wound healing
* Management of post Endodontic situations
* Post-surgical management of endo surgical patients.
* Lasers as related to Endodontics and Endosurgeries.
* Advanced knowledge of materials as related to Endodontics
* Multidisciplinary approach to Endodontic situations.


* Basic knowledge of computers and radiology in detail
* General and local anesthesia
* Basic and advanced knowledge of Periodontics
* Basic and advanced knowledge of Pedodontics and preventive dentistry
* Basic knowledge of oral surgery in management of post operative G.A.patients
* Basic knowledge of operative theatre description


Basic and advanced methods of intraoral and extra oral Radiography
Basic knowledge on RADIOGRAPHY EQUIPMENTS. Advanced knowledge on RVG and other imaging systems methods of developing / fixing radiographs. And on methods of interpretation of radiographs.


1. Pre-clinical knowledge-Conservative dentistry / Endodontics
2. Clinical skills
* Restorative procedures
* Endodontic procedures and post-Endodontic situations
* Surgical Endodontics.
3. Laboratory skills
* Impression procedures, disinfections of impression.
* Making of removable dies
* Casting procedures/preheatens wax elimination
* Ceramic lab work procedures
* Finishing of casting
* Fabrication of post and core/inlays/onlays and crowns.
* Fabrication of ceramic laminates/crown/inlay and onlay.

Dental materials

* Advanced knowledge of all materials associated with restorative dentistry, which includes impression materials.
* Methods of testing bio-compatibity of materials used in dentistry
* All past, present and future restorative materials and recent advances including their composition, physical properties, advantages / disadvantages modification and combinations.
* Recent restorative materials including composites/Glass Jonomers/fissure sealants/ modifications/combinations and dentin bonding systems/bases/liners/varnishes.
* All materials associated with metal casting fabrication and finshing/abrasives/polishing agents
* Ceramics with recent advances. Knowledge of metallurgy.
* Biological response to various restorative materials.
* Advanced knowledge of dental equipments.

Conservative Dentistry
Advanced knowledge on conservative dentistry

* Cross infection control in dental clinic/laboratory
* Instruments: advanced instrumentation in conservative dentistry
* Equipments of the present and future
* Advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment planning
* Caries diagnosis-advanced methods-epidemiology of caries
* Advanced methods of removal of caries, including chemo mechanical method
* Management of dental as an infectious disease
* Total advanced knowledge on dental caries essential
* Knowledge of clinical aspects of all past, present and possible future restorative methods.
* Metallic and non-metallic restorative materials including cast gold-direct gold-base metal alloys – composite resin-glass ionomers-combinations and ceramics, - Advanced knowledge
* Basic and advanced knowledge about dentin bonding systems and bonded restorations
* Tooth preparations to receive all restorative materials including intra/extra coronal
* Knowledge of all types of dental cemets- liners/ bases/ Varnishes/ intermediary restorative materials.
* Clinical procedures associated with all restorative materials / single tooth cast restorations including cast gold/direct gold/crowns / on lays/inlays and post Endodontic restorations.
* Advanced knowledge on Aesthetic dentistry
* Advanced knowledge on occlusion
* Basic knowledge of general anesthesia
* Advanced knowledge on management of pain: Techniques and management
* Advanced knowledge of basic Local anesthesia/supplementary anesthetic techniques/Management of complications.
* Management of hypersensitive dentin / management of discolored teeth – newer methods of treatment modalities.
* Lasers as related to Conservative dentistry
* Advanced knowledge on minimal intervention dentistry.

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