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Career Options: Doctors are needed, wherever the humans inhabit, it is a discipline universally needed.Medicine & healthcare professionals find jobs both in the government and private hospitals, nursing homes, as well as other health facilities. Private and Public Sector Organizations also employ doctors.



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Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
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BMAS Engineering College, NH-2, 19th K.M. Stone, Agra-Delhi Highway, Keetham

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Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh)
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Sharda University, Plot No. 32-34, Knowledge Park III, 201306

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Career Options:

Doctors are needed, wherever the humans inhabit, it is a discipline universally needed.Medicine & healthcare professionals find jobs both in the government and private hospitals, nursing homes, as well as other health facilities. Private and Public Sector Organizations also employ doctors.

The combined Medical Services examination conducted by UPSC offers entry into central governments department/posts. All wings of the armed forces, railways, state & central governments hospitals & health schemes, all recruit doctors.

Against an estimated need of 1.6 million M.B.B.S. doctors India has currently only about 40% i.e. 6,75,000 thus leaving a wide gap in supply & demand. As against this only abort 31,000 doctors every year are joining the streams. Thus the demand for qualified medical professionals is huge.

Added to the above demand is a rapidly growing demand for quality medical professionals for corporate private hospitals fast emerging as India develops itself as a hub of medical tourism. More and more tourists visiting India are relying on availing treatment for efficient & low cost medical care being offered by Indian corporate hospitals. For non emergency health problems, the time for recuperating & convalescing is pleasurably spent in light & distressing pursuits and this 'medical tourism' is rapidly raising India on the world healthcare map


An M.B.B.S. doctor initially is posted as an intern getting about Rs. 4 l.p.a. initially as a stipend, and with experience and specialization grows fast. Most interns pursue a specialization course of P.G. study. With experience and specialization there is a continuous raise in earnings and a senior Medical practitioner fetches 10 to 15 times of the above starting stipends, the usual range being Rs. 12 l.p.a. to Rs. 50 l.p.a. Medical experts are amongst the highest earning and most respected sections of the society especially in India. Sky is the limit for growth

Typical Career Path

After doing MBBS doctor can start his career as an intern than Junior Doctor than according to the experience he can go further as senior doctor.

The MBBS doctor can also starts its practice by its own clinic.

After completing MBBS a doctor can also join the Government Hospital

Sharda University Advantages

SU has one of the best equipped, multi specialty, socio- corporate SHARDA HOSPITAL co-located in the same premises at plot no. 32-34, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, where medical college students can have practical knowledge Sharda Hospital having the latest MRI, CT-Scan & other state-of-the-art facilities and a 200 strong team of doctors including 80 specialists on its rolls and an equal number of paramedical & support staff. The fully functional hospital (in operation since 2005) has currently 500 beds which will be raised in phases to 1500 beds (for which the building is ready). The students get first hand exposure to best working practices and practical case study situations. We have world class Doctors available in Sharda Hospital. Mostly Doctors comes from AIIMS, AFMC, Maulana Azad.

Sharda university Infrastructure:

Sharda Hospital: 500 Beds operational , Total 1200 beds project. Out Patient Department -in all specialities
Emergency & Trauma Services - 50 bed I.C.U. and Critical Care Department. N.I.C.U., PICU & Nursery is also available. 24 Hour Ambulance service -2 Vehicles always available.

Sharda Hospital provides tertiary level (& post operative) care across a wide range of medical specialities. Treatment in all the specialties is available round-the-clock.

Experience in handling emergencies

It is further reassuring to know that Emergency Medicine is a key specialty at Sharda Hospital, as in all major hospitals of the US and the UK. Modern medical practice has demonstrated the treatment given to an emergency patient 'during the Golden hours' following the attack or accident is critical to the patient's recovery, or possible survival.


Sharda Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities that are matched by an abiding concern to treat patients with empathy and compassion. The concern starts right from the design of the hospital, where great care has been taken to have everything conveniently located, for an optimum patient flow that cuts down waiting time.

Departments in Sharda Hospital

Neuro Sciences
· Neuro Trauma · Neuro Critical Care · Advanced Epilepsy Centre · Minimally Invasive Neuro & Spinal Surgery · Neuro-oncology · Spinal Surgery; Low back Clinic · Pain Clinic

· Diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopies Orthopaedics We have the facilities· Knee & Hip Replacement· Uni-compartmental knee replacement· Surface replacement of hip · Arthroscopic management of knee, shoulder & ankle problems · Complex Fracture Clinic · Osteoporosis Clinic · Management of sports injuries · Spinal Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology Apart from the special care for both pregnant & general management of the female reproductive ailments,we provide special focus to the patients requiring interventional treatment of infertility.

· We have an expert panel of doctors who treat clinical problems concerned with the diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment of unusual or serious diseases.

· State- of- the- art ENT station, with facilities of conducting various tests · 3rd generation diagnostic audiometry set-up for evaluating deafness · Minimally invasive surgery for sinus & ear problems with state-of-art equipment

· Complete eye care facility, including routine eye checkup, glaucoma unit, cataract, squint & retina unit · All eye surgeries & microsurgeries, which includes phako emulsification (stitch less) surgery

· The Complete Child Care (CCC) approach caring for every aspect of a child's health · The medical health concept- homely care to your child, from newborn to adolescent (18 years)

· Multi slice Dual CT scanner · Mammography · X-Ray with image intensifier. Also several mobile X-ray units for the OTs and ICUs · Ultrasound with facilities for Doppler, small parts & intra cavitory imaging, also for guided biopsy

Laboratory Medicine
· Complete range of laboratory investigations available round the clock

· Preventive oncology & screening procedures for detection of early cancers · A complete diagnostic evaluation to know the exact extent of the disease · Practice of 'Evidence based cancer management' · Management of chemotherapy induced toxicities with a fully equipped intensive care unit & critical care experts · Palliative care for advanced cancers by trained professionals. · Physiotherapy for patients disabled by extensive cancer treatment to improve their well-being

Plastic Surgery
· All types of advanced 'Vascular & Micro vascular surgeries' · Peripheral nerve surgeries · Transplantation of skin, muscle, tendon, cartilage, bone- all in one step and separately also · Aesthetic / cosmetic surgery where deformities are greatly restored · Treatment of all types of burn related injuries

· Top-grade investigative & treatment facilities like urodynamic machine, urology and laproscopic urology etc. · State-of-the-art Operation Theatre equipped for urological procedures

· Focus areas of treatment include: Acne management, Psoriasis treatment, Vitiligo management, Hair & Nail clinic, Cosmetology & Dermatosurgery, clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, · Allergy testing, etc.

We have a special dental care facility fully equipped for regular tooth cleaning to surgical treatments related to periodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics & endodontics.
· Panel of super specialists available around the clock; orthodontist, oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, etc. · Equipped with state-of-art imported physiological dental chair with accessories and high quality dental materials. · Special school dental health checkups · Community camps to promote good dental hygiene Physiotherapy · Fitness and health promotion clinics · Special sessions for the care of senior citizens · Physiotherapy for burns and plastic surgery cases · Ortho and trauma rehabilitation · Special women clinics for pre and post natal care advice/ post gynaecological problems

Patients with clinical problems involving joints ,soft tissues and the allied conditions of the connective tissues like arthritis ,musculoskeletal pain disorders, osteoporosis, Rheumatoid, arthritis, osteoarthritis are being treated.


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