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NBA provides world-class holistic education in Mass Communication, Animation and Management. At NBA our mission is that every student must realize his or her highest potential. To this end, along with a comprehensive academic curriculum, we provide our students with hands-on work experience, while training them towards becoming socially responsible professionals of tomorrow. NBA is also known for guiding its students precisely to achieve their career goals. We value individual vision and encourage development of an intellectual discipline. We believe that enhancing the creative instincts and promoting the discipline of research are inherently valuable.

NBA students are encouraged to ideate off the beaten-track and develop their unique ideas in the safe environment of their class-rooms, where they have the opportunity to find their unique voice and develop it to its full potential. We believe that in a competitive environment such as the present-day, our students excel in the professional arena because of their training in individual thinking along with the discipline of hard work that they imbibe during their time at NBA. In developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge we are creating an academic environment where students can be inspired to excel in their chosen discipline.

NBA's academic curriculum is built around a pragmatic approach which makes our Coursework exhaustive , yet relevant to the needs of the industry. Our curriculum puts special emphasis on dev