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  • Simply gr8! Opened a new vista in my practice. I am very happy with the course.



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To help the participant to incorporate fixed orthodontics in the general practice setting.

Yes. All you have to do is select the course best suited for you and pay the course fee. We will then send you the AFO Course-in-a-box package which contains the Course Manual, Lecture and practice videos, Typodont and practice materials and the basic instruments. The Course Manual is a handbook / ready reckoner providing you with just enough theory and the practical steps for use in most of the routine cases. You will read this first and then watch the Lecture Videos. Once you have done this, you are now ready to try it on the Typodont. Using the basic instruments and the practice kit, you will watch the step by step practice video and can then practice bonding, placing the wire etc any number of times on the typodont. You can then take photographs of the exercises you have done and send it to AFO for discussion of your doubts using the 5 - 10 hours of quality time you get with AFO Faculty. For this you will have to have a multimedia computer (with webcam) and a broadband (above 250kbps) internet connection. Now you are ready to start on patient cases! You can use the Case Discussion forum on the website (available to course participants only) to discuss each case with AFO Faculty and with all the AFO course participants from all over the world!



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Distance learning

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Graduates in Dentistry

BDS / MDS. Participants should have clinical access to prepare complete records for 5 orthodontic cases. Participant should have access to multimedia computer, internet (broadband). Participants should be able to spend at least 1 hour each day for the course.

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  • Simply gr8! Opened a new vista in my practice. I am very happy with the course.

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What I would highlight: Simply gr8! Opened a new vista in my practice. I am very happy with the course.
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Academy of Fixed Orthodontics

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Course programme

Can you learn Orthodontics in such a short time?

Yes. You can start learning orthodontics with the AFO Level I / Level II course.

The only thing which stop you from practicing fixed orthodontics is that your knowledge in this area is a complete zero. AFO Level i and Level II course will provide you thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in one technique in fixed orthodontics, viz. Straight Wire MBT (3rd generation) system. Coupled with our extensive online support, you will start doing simple cases in your clinic, with each case being discussed with the faculty over internet using our Case Discussion Template. We recommend starting on generalized spacing cases and Cl I bimax cases needing first premolar extraction. These are some of the easiest cases to treat with fixed orthodontics.

After about 80 cases and 1 to 2 years later, you can then attend the AFO Level II or Level III course for advanced orthodontics if you feel that you want to learn more in orthodontics. In Level II you learn Realistic Treatment Philosophy and Orthodontics of Biomechanics. In Level III you learn other extant techniques in orthodontics including Mini Screw Implants. After this you can go even further and learn Lingual orthodontics once you have the AFO Fellowship at Level III. The total time taken for this process is about 3 years by which time you will have become a "complete" orthodontics practitioner.

The concepts and implementation of this course will allow any participant to choose the content / period of study that best suits his/her practice. The course covers the latest in fixed orthodontic treatment mechanics including MBT (Straight Wire).

1. Introduction and History

2. Growth and Development

3. Biomechanics

4. Diagnosis of the Orthodontic Problem

5. Treatment Planning - Extraction vs Non-Extraction

6. The Fixed Orthodontic Theory - Past, Present and Future

7. MBT (Straight Wire) Treatment Mechanics - Theory & Practice

8. Self Ligating Brackets - Theory and Practice

9. Begg's Attritional Occlusion & the Tip-Edge Treatment Mechanics (Optional)

Realistic Treatment Philosophy (TM) - Introduction to a short course interdisciplinary treatment methodology for the cosmetic management of mild to moderate malocclusion.

Case Discussion - Extensive case discussion is done on 5 patient cases. Participant will also be encouraged to start 5 orthodontic cases during the course, which will provide immediate income to pay for the course.

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Orthodontic Course

₹ 100 + VAT