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Important information

Typology Post Graduate Diploma
Location Aurangabad
Duration 16 Months
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Aurangabad
  • Duration:
    16 Months

Suitable for: 10/12 pass/fail students. Any Graduate / undergraduate students, professionals, housewives etc.


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
OM Kreations : 22/A Deep nagar, Darga Road, Nr. bank of Maharashtra, Opp. Bank of Hyderabad., 431001, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
OM Kreations : 22/A Deep nagar, Darga Road, Nr. bank of Maharashtra, Opp. Bank of Hyderabad., 431001, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

PGPM - Post Graduate Program in Multimedia
“Post Graduate Program in Multimedia (PGPM) is rated by the Industry as the Best Employment oriented Multimedia Career Program” that focuses on getting you an Excellent Career & your 1st Job with our 1250+ Associate Companies across India. This makes PGPM as one of the most successful career programs in Multimedia & Animation in India.

PGPM is the most comprehensive multimedia program covering approximately 12-15 software and has one of the most in-depth curriculum starting from the fundamentals to the most advanced in Computer designing followed by Live Industrial projects. PGPM is also the most exhaustive program having a total of 1051 hrs i.e. 801 hrs of Academic study and 250 hrs of Industrial training with a total of 534 Academic sessions.

PGPM program is designed of optimum duration, keeping in mind that our curriculum matches the most updated curriculum anywhere in the world, and fulfilling the job requirements of Indian Multimedia Industry & your aptitude.

This means that our students not only save time & money but also start working much before their friends, who still continue to struggle thinking of which career path to choose. Over 7000+ students study the PGDM program every year at our various campuses across India, this, goes to show the confidence that Students & Industry alike have for this program.

PGPM aims at starting the training from the fundamentals of Designing in each of the three areas of Multimedia i.e. Graphics, Animation & Web through programs that aims to give you a strong & comprehensive foundation in the first 3 Modules, thus giving you a designation of Lord. Further you will learn Digital Design & Advance Digital Design in the area of your interest i.e. Graphics, Animation or Web After this you enter into the final term, this term is created for the first time in India, The Industry Foundation, that aims at making you Not only Ready for industry, but, ready for your First job.

"The next 15 months of your life are going to be equal, if not, more than the 16 years of education you have had till now.... Because it is these 15 months that will get you your 1st job, 1st salary, a dream career and a stable future, but most importantly you will realize how beautifully PGPM curriculum is designed so as to give you maximum study & practice in a creative & fun manner”

CURRICULUM IN DETAIL Total Credits Duration Tutorials app. Total Sessions Assignments app. Projects 50 15 months 110+ 534+ 100+ 5 Let’s Start Walking

PGPM aims at starting the training from the very fundamentals of Design in each of the three areas of Multimedia i.e. Graphics, Animation & Web through programs that give you a strong & comprehensive foundation in the first 3 terms, thus giving you a designation of Lord.

Term 1: Design Studio 1

  • Lord of Graphics
  • Adobe Illustrator
    • Print media: Concepts & App.
    • Design essentials
    • Introduction to Graphic Designing
    • Introduction to Raster & Vector Graphics
    • Fundamentals of Computer designing
    • Understanding the print media
    • Various kinds of print media applications
    • Working with various kinds of print
    • Campaigns like brand campaign, product campaign, event management, company campaign
    • Printing & Resolution
    • Printing methods, techniques, media
  • Project

Term 2: Design Studio 2

  • Lord of Web
  • Fundamentals of Internet & www
  • Understanding various protocols available across the www
  • Adobe Photoshop related to web
    • Working with web layouts
    • Digital media applications like image processing, image editing
    • Working with textures & Background creation
    • Applications like collage, logical posters etc
  • HTML
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Making static website
    • Working the tables, layers
    • Working with behaviors
    • Form handling
    • Working with CSS
    • Uploading your individual websites
  • Project

Term 3: Design Studio 3

  • Lord of Animation
  • Adobe after effects
    • Intro to Compositing & Video concepts
    • Working with simple motion graphics
    • Video editing
    • Working with effects, keying
    • Working with 2D and 3D compositing
    • Sound forge
  • Intro to Audio & Audio concepts
    • Working with audio engineering
    • Processes & special effects via Audio
    • Recording
    • Remixing
    • Creating & editing audio
    • Creating instrumental remix, title scores, looped sound
    • Working the background sounds
  • Project

Let’s Start Running

Now comes the exciting time, we will help you to identify your area of interest in term 4, enter Digital studio.

Term 4: Digital Studio Graphics

  • Compositions
  • CorelDRAW
    • Vector Graphics & Application
    • Introduction to Concepts: Vector
    • Introduction to Raster Graphic Designing
  • Advance Photoshop
    • Raster Graphics & Application
    • Filters & Plugins (KPT/Eye Candy/Alien Skin)
  • Acrobat & PDF Technology
    • Photo Editing & Image Processing
    • Visual Enhancement Techniques
    • Print & Publishing Techniques
  • Adobe Indesign
    • Working with the Ad media
    • Working on various print media campaigns
    • Making Books, ads, news letters etc
    • Printing Technology
    • Printing & Resolution
  • Project

Term 4: Digital Studio Web

  • Introduction to Scripting and programming language
  • Introduction to Client side scripting
  • Introduction to Server side scripting
  • Configuring & understanding the web server
    • Creating Multimedia dynamic features
    • Creating web based animations
    • Making dynamic websites
    • Working with dynamic features
  • CGI-Perl
  • ColdFusion
  • Asp.net
  • PHP
  • Working with database, form validations, form handling etc
  • Introduction to systems, data management
  • XML
  • Project

Term 4: Digital Studio Animation

  • Advance photoshop for Animation
  • Creation of textures & background effects
  • 3D Motion & Concepts
  • Advance 3D Studio Max
    • Principles of Animation
    • Applications involving principles of animations
    • 3D Animation, Architectural modeling, product modeling, Industrial applications, Low polygon modeling for games and web
    • Modeling
    • Human Anatomy
    • Materials
    • Lights
    • Environments both interior and exterior
    • Working with effects
    • Rigging
    • Skinning
    • Walk Cycles
    • Low poly characters for Gaming
    • Animation with forward & inverse Kinematics
    • Camera & walk thoughts
    • Shooting concepts
    • Particles & Dynamics
    • Animation
    • Mental ray
    • Rendering Techniques (Raytracing & Radiocity)
  • Project

Advance Digital Design Studio

Term 5: Advance Digital Studio Graphics

  • Introduction to 2D Graphics
  • Design Drawing for Graphics
  • Fundamentals of 2D Graphics
  • Adobe Flash
    • Making applications like intros, short stories
    • Making applications like intros, short stories
    • Working with interactive intros & interactive websites
    • Working with audio & video
    • Publishing & Exporting
    • Fundamentals of Action scripting
  • 3D Studio Max
    • Introduction to 3D Graphics, Design & Environment, 3D Character Design & Modeling
    • Landscape & Terrain Design, Interior Design, Product design
    • Materials
    • Lights
    • Lights
    • Working with effects
    • Rigging
    • Skinning
    • Particles & Dynamics
    • Mental Ray
    • Concepts of Materials, Lights & Camera
    • Rendering techniques (Raytracing & Radiosity)

Term 5: Advance Digital Studio Web

  • Design Drawing for Animation
  • Fundamentals of 2D Animation
  • Flash & Action Scripting
    • Walk cycles
    • Frame by frame animations
    • Making short stories
    • Making intros
    • Working with audio & video
    • Publishing & Exporting
  • Fundamentals of Actionscripting
  • Making CBTS, Presentations, product catalogues
  • Adobe Premier
    • Fundamentals of Non Linear Editing
    • Video editing
    • Working with titling, credits
    • Video effects
    • Creating double roles
    • Working with audio tracks
    • Rendering

Term 6:

Get to display your talent through a 15 days project. Showcase your expertise by making a Grand project in the area of your choice. All the theory that you have studied, the practical assignments % term projects that you have done, all the technical strengths and skills that you have gained… now focus it all into your final project. You get to choose from:

  • Graphics- Print Media, Digital Media
  • Web- Web Design, web Technology
  • Animation- 2D story, Architecture/Product Design

Term 7: Industry Foundation Program

For the first time in India you will have a very Unique Industry Foundation Program, that prepares you for your first job.

The Objective: “Getting you ready for your first job, by upgrading & fine tuning your assignments & projects to industry standards using the mentioned softwares.” In this program, faculty will also guide you on your queries if any, to prepare you for your first interview. This program has been created after extensive research of the India job scenario & may change from time to time. Duration: 45 days covers the following software,

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • HTML & CSS
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash

Additional information

Payment options: Cash, bank, Credit Card

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