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Typology Training
Location Kolkata
Duration 4 Months
  • Training
  • Kolkata
  • Duration:
    4 Months


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1118, Kalikapur - Purbalok , 700099, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
1118, Kalikapur - Purbalok , 700099, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

This is to inform you that OSP with PHP or My SQL is the very much beneficial program for those who are seeking good future in this sector. Studying this program in Calcutta can teach the candidate the following:

Info Data-base and Online Catalog
E Commerce
Web Form
These are some tremendously well known web-applications the person must be making use of it or must know it from somebody frequently. These lively web-applications have modified the method of using the web nowadays. The institute is discussing regarding the novice generation that is operating according to the viewers or the administration department. OSP is mainly controlling these applicantions.
“Open Source Programming” (functions can be modified as per the need of the hour) is the most liked answer for the lively requirements of the electronic business across the world. PHP or My SQL is the mainly favored OSP script across world. The main causes for this are as follows:
• As they run on Linux & UNIX, P.H.P. websites are considered more safe evaluated to Windows supported languages such as A.S.P. & .NET.
• Dissimilar other programming language, with P.H.P. a novel candidate can study & build up websites in a substance of 4 - 6 months
• P.H.P. / My S.Q.L. doesn’t need any License fees not like Windows sustained languages.
• P.H.P. / My S.Q.L. web-hosting is much economical than Windows supported hosting
• P.H.P. applications are stronger & can easily be adapted to different web hosting environment. For example, P.H.P. script can run on Windows hosting but A.S.P. & .NET applications don’t work on Linux & UNIX.

For its financial system & universality, many small sized and medium sized business class people opt for P.H.P. / My SQL to function & augment its existence online. A P.H.P. / My SQL web-host permits to constantly make as many web applications as the candidate can think of it. There is no such limit. Presently there is a big gap in the number of employments in the P.H.P. segment & the number of skilled quality professionals P.H.P. programmers.

This is the most appropriate way to fill up the gap. So it is suggested to join the institute and learn this program in the most proficient manner.
The main contents of the program are as follows:

Level-1 Preface to Internet
• Define Internet & the world-wide-web
• Preface to websites & its functionality
• Preface to H.T.M.L./C.S.S.
• Preface to Domain Names & Web-hosts.
Level-2 PHP or My SQL Programming
• Preface to PHP /MySQL
• Taking User-Input from Forms via P.H.P.
• Variables & Expressions in P.H.P.
• Conditional Tests & Events in P.H.P.
• P.H.P. Flow-Control
• P.H.P. Configurations
• P.H.P. Function
• Storing Data in Arrays by use of P.H.P.
• Handle Data-base with P.H.P.
• String Manipulations in P.H.P.
• Session & Cookies in P.H.P.
• Files & Directories Access by use of P.H.P.
• Other I / O Issues in P.H.P.
• Handling Email with P.H.P.
• Objects Orientation in P.H.P.
• S.O.A.P.
• Smarty
• Shopping Cart, E-commerce, Payments Gateway
• Graphics in P.H.P.
• Preface to M.V.C. structures
• Basics of Code Igniter & Cake PHP
Level-3 Live Worldwide Assignments
This stage will offer the applicants with the 'hands on' experiences, a lively participation with live worldwide projects under the supervision of the industry specialist along side the company's working specialists.

Additional information

Payment options: The total fees of the course is Rs. 15000 but students can pay the fees in installments. The installment fee is as follows: Installment fee: Rs.16000 (in 2 easy installments of Rs.8000 each)

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