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Location Kolkata
Duration 1 Day
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2nd Floor, 49/1 Garia Station Road, 700084, Jharkhand, India
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Starts On request
2nd Floor, 49/1 Garia Station Road, 700084, Jharkhand, India
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Course programme

This program is for everyone who is interested in making a firm base in SAS programming - no earlier knowledge of SAS is required.
Course curriculum:Find the way in SAS windowing atmosphereRead different sort of data into SAS data setsValidate and clean SAS data setsMake SAS variablesSend raw data fileMake, subset, & transform dataUnite SAS data setsHow to make SAS library & programming atmosphereHow to make fundamental detail & summary reports with the use of SAS methodsrecognize & correct data syntax & programming logic errorNo early SAS experience is required. Though, before attending this course, youMust have experience in how to use computer & operate other softwares,Must be able to understand file structure & system command (on Windows operating systems).If you are not comfortable with the requirement, this course may not be proper for you.
Descriptionlogistic of course Description of basic SASHow to start with SASDescription of SAS programHow to Submit a SAS programHow to Work with SAS SyntaxMastering basic conceptsDiagnosing & correcting syntax errorHow to get Familiar with SAS Data SetHow to examine descriptor & data portionsHow to access SAS data librariesReading SAS Data SetDescription to reading dataUsing SAS data inputSubset observation & variableHow to add permanent attributeHow to read Raw Data FileHow to use standard delimited data as inputHow to use nonstandard delimited data as inputHow to use Excel data as inputValidating & Cleaning DataDescription to validating and cleaning dataHow to examine data errors when reading raw data filesHow to validate data with the PRINT and FREQ proceduresHow to validate data with the MEANS and UNIVARIATE proceduresHow to clean invalid dataManipulating-DataCreating-variablesCreating-variables conditionallySubsetting-observationsCombining SAS Data-SetsDescription of combining data setHow to append a data set (self-study)How to concentrate on data setsHow to merge data sets one-to-oneHow to merge data sets one-to-manyHow to merge data sets with nonmatchesHow to Enhance Reportsusing global-statementshow to add labels & formatscreating user-defined formatssubsetting & grouping observationsdirecting output to external fileProducing Summary ReportUse the FREQ methodUse the MEANS methodUse the UNIVARIATE methodUse the TABULATE method (self-study)Introduction to Graphics Using SAS/GRAPHcreating bar & pie chartcreating plotenhancing output

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