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Reception Academy was founded in 2008 as a result of severe shortage of skilled and fully trained hotel receptionists in London. The founding team worked in hotels themselves at that time and decided to create a concept that would help young people to get the skills at an affordable price. The finished concept was presented to big hotel chains and it soon became clear that graduates from Reception Academy would have a great knowledge which is relevant to hotels, giving graduates from Reception Academy a clear advantage over other applicants . The product has been improved ever since and Reception Academy is currently working on further training courses such as Reception Supervisor, Reservations Agent, Hotel Accountant etc. Same concept, same great training, same job opportunity and affordable price. Hotels today greatly benefit from Reception Academy students as they simply log on to our website and select the students they like. Simple!

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Practicle Training - Connection with hotels leading to job possibilities - Fun and informative course


Reception Academy's students are trained in accordance with 5 star brand standards of international hotels. Through tailored courses we prepare these skilled candidates to successfully embark upon Hospitality careers. In partnership with over 500 Hotels we maintain a 95% employment success rate for our graduates. As an accredited institution of the BAC we can also offer visa application assistance for Non-EU students, subject to UK visa eligibility requirements.

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