Rich Internet Application ( Web Designing)

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Important information

Typology Course
Level Advanced
Location Bangalore
Class hours 70h
Duration 3 Months
Start Different dates available
  • Course
  • Advanced
  • Bangalore
  • 70h
  • Duration:
    3 Months
  • Start:
    Different dates available

We provide 3 level of training in Web designing in which first level the student will be able to create web designs like HTML JS, CSS DOM etc.On completion of the second level student can be able to design in the website like Development of PHP MYSQL. Once completing the online website if they want to do live modification or updates they can do it as we teach then Advance PHP MYSQL, CAKE PHP etc..

Where and when
Starts Location
Different dates available
30/1, 3rd Floor, Next to Just Dial Building, Leeman's Complex, Cunningham Road, 560052, Karnataka, India
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Starts Different dates available
30/1, 3rd Floor, Next to Just Dial Building, Leeman's Complex, Cunningham Road, 560052, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· what kind of Job is applicable?

Web designers, Web developers. Not only they can work for a company they can do work from home option as some company outsource the designing part.

What you'll learn on the course

Website Design

Teachers and trainers (1)

Mr.Bala Sudhakar
Mr.Bala Sudhakar
Trainer cum Developer

Course programme

Ist Level Contents


Basics of Web Design Fundamentals


Advanced Design & Layout Concepts

Creating web pages Using……….

1.0 HTML

1.1 CSS

1.2 Java Script

1.3 DOM

Second Level RIA Contents

2.0 PHP 5.3

Overview of PHP

Basic Scripting & Looping Constructs

PHP Operators

Arrays in PHP

PHP Functions

Classes & Objects (PHP 5.3)

· Introduction, The Basics & Auto Loading Objects

· Constructors & Destructors, Visibility

· Scope Resolution Operator (::)

· Static Keyword, Class Constants

· Class Abstraction, Object Interfaces

· Overloading, Object Iteration & Patterns

· Magic Methods, Final Keyword

· Object Cloning, Comparing Objects

· Reflection & Type Hinting

File Handling

· Searching File Contents with Regular Expressions

· Changing & Editing File Contents

· Splitting & Joining Information inside Files

· File Uploading, String Functions

· Regular Expression Functions

· Reading, Writing & Deleting Files

· Handling File Permissions, File Locking

· Reading Directory Contents

· Creating & Deleting Directories

Working with Databases & Forms

Using Cookies with PHP

Miscellaneous PHP Tasks

3.0 My SQL 5.0

Data Types, Functions, Operators & SQL Syntax Statement

B) Data Manipulation Statements & Control Statements

A) Data Definition Statements

C) Stored Procedures & Functions

D) Triggers

E) Views

4.0 Introduction to Apache Web Server

5.0 AJAX

Third Level RIA

6.0 Cake PHP the Framework

B) Developing Cake PHP Applications

C) Advanced Cake PHP

7.0 Drupal the CMS

8.0 Overview Of Joomla & Smarty

9.0 Graphics tools ( Photoshop CS5, Corel Draw)

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