Superspeciality Course in Physiology

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Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Superspeciality Course in Physiology

The aim of the course is to prepare P.G. Student in the subject of Human
Physiology who shall
1) Teach and train future under-graduate & Post-graduate
medical students in Human Physiology in Medical Colleges
and Research Institutions.
2) Carry out & guide research & contribute to advancement of
the subject.
3) Organise & manage administrative responsibilities for
routine day to day departmental work.
At the end of training course a P.G. student have thorough knowledge of
the body with respect to
1) Cognitive domain
All the systems of the body should be studied with respect to -
a) Historical aspect
b) Evolution & development
c) Comparative physiology
d) Structure - gross & electron microscopic & functions at
cellular level.
e) Qualitative & quantitive aspects
f) Regulating mechanisms.
g) Variations in physiological & pathological conditions
h) Applied physiology
i) Recent advances.
2) Psychomotor domain
P.G.Students should be able -
a) to perform human & animal experiments, Haematology
experiments & experiments based on biophysical principles.
b) To acquire history taking & clinical examination skills.
3) Affective domain
a) The P.G.Students should develop communication skills to interact
with students, colleagues, superiors & other staff members.
b) They should be able to work as a member of a team to carry out
teaching as well as research activities.
c) They should have right attitude towards teaching profession.
1) Eligibility M.B.B.S.
2) Selection shall be through a competitive written examination
of the objective variety conducted by state entrance board.
3) Duration of course shall be of 3 Years.
Since the students would be working in the department for 3
years, the time plan & proposed division of course content will be
on the following lines.
1st Year :
1) Theory :
· To attend the U.G. lectures and study in detail the following
Topics - General physiology, Environmental physiology, Nerve,
Muscle, Blood, Endorcrines, Reproduction, Alimentry system.
· To attend P.G. lectures at other P.G.Centres.
2) Practicals -
· To attend the practicals & demonstrations tought by senior
teachers for U.G.Students.
1st term - Haematology, Nerve, Muscle, Heart.
2nd term - clinical examination.
· To learn basic techniques & instruments used for
U.G. Practicals.
· Micro teaching sessions for practicals.
3) To learn evaluation techniques.
4) Research :
· To attend Jornal club / seminars.
· Vists to library to get aquainted with scientific journals.
· 2nd half of 1st year - review of literature for topic of thesis.
5) Exposure to Medical Education Technology Workshops.
2nd Year :
1) Theory :
· To attend the U.G. lectures and study in detail the following
Topics - Renal physiology Cardio Vascular system.
Respiratory system, Exercise physiology, Special senses,
Central Nervous System.
· To attend the P.G. lectures at other P.G.Centres.
2) Practicals :
· To perform amphibian & mammalian experiments,
inclusive of basic techniques of handling of laboratory
animals, anaesthia, dissection & instruments.
3) To learn in detail the teaching learning methods and the
methods of evaluation in practicals & theory.
4) Teaching :
· Small group teaching in practicals / demonstrations.
· Should learn to use audiovisual aids.
5) Research :
· To carryout thesis work & to learn basic topics in
6) To attend meeting organised by clinical departments.
7) To attend local and national conferences.

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