Telephone Billing & Financial Accounting - (Diploma-Postgraduate)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Milano (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium)

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Important information

Typology Training
Location At 2 venues
Duration 10 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Training
  • At 2 venues
  • Duration:
    10 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Suitable for: Telephone billing accountants. Vice presidents of manufacturing and commercial businesses. Marketing, engineering and human resources managers. Project managers. CEOs who are involved with development of long-term customers, suppliers, outsourcing partners, and other global strategic alliances. Sales and marketing executives. Supply-stream professionals. Internal auditors. Public accountants. Assets accountants. Attorneys. Any non-financial managers who are required to read, interpret, and contribute to business financial reports


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Different dates available
Via Washington, 66 Milan, 20146, Milano, Italy
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Starts Different dates available
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Starts Different dates available
Via Washington, 66 Milan, 20146, Milano, Italy
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Course programme


· The Billing Cycle

· Calculations outside the billing period

· The Return Journal

· Returns inwards and credit notes

· Returns inwards journal

· The Credit Note

· General Ledger

· Examples of Returns Outwards Journal

· Sales Ledger

· Returns Outwards and Debit Notes

· Returns Outwards Journal

· Purchases Ledge

· Double Entry and Returns

· Returns Inwards and credit notes

· Statements

· Showing amount owing at the start of the month

· Showing amount of each sales invoice sent to the debtor during the month

· Showing credit notes sent to the debtor in the month

· Cash and cheques received from the debtor during the month

· Showing finally, the amount due from the debtor during the month

· Calculation of the Effect of price Changes on the Median Bill

· Calling Pattern

· Decile Billing

· Call Accounting Software

· Refunds of overpayment

· Market Based Transfer Pricing

· Cost based transfer Pricing

· New role for managers and management accounts in designing

· Example of return inward journal

· An example of returns inwards journal showing the items posted to the sales ledger and the general ledger is not shown;

· A strategic view of the business environment

The Accounting Environment

· The uses and purpose of accounting

· Users of accounting and financial information

· Various groups of stakeholders: internal and external users

· Accounting language and terminology

· Cash versus profit, accruals and monetary concepts

· Profit and profitability

· Accounting Report and Statements


Statement 1: The balance sheet – the financial position

· The structure of the balance sheet

· What does the balance sheet tell us about the company?

· Limitations of the conventional balance sheet

Statement 2: The profit and loss account (income statement) – financial performance

· What is profit?

· The structure of the profit and loss account

· What does the profit and loss account tell us about the company

· The links between profit and loss account and balance sheet

The financial statements and financial analysis
Statement 3: The cash flow statement – financial flow

· Cash versus profit

· What is included in the cash flow statement?

· Why is cash flow so important?

· The structure of the cash flow statement

· The links between three accounting statements: the cash flow statement, profit and loss account and balance sheet

The annual report and financial analysis

· The key elements of published reports and accounts

· Ratio analysis: profitability; efficiency and performance; liquidity; investment; cash flow;

· the DuPont system

· Cash versus profit as a measure of performance, EBITDA

· Predicting business failure – the Altman Z-score

· Sources of financial information

· The use of non-financial information together with financial information

Budgeting and Short-term Planning

Break-even analysis: Cost/volume/profit analysis

· Cost/volume/profit (CVP) relationships

· Break-even analysis

· Single and mixed products

· The impact of cost structure changes

· Limitations of CVP analysis


· Purposes of budgeting

· The budget process, including activity based budgeting

· Uncertainty and risk – worst and best outcomes

· Motivation and the behavioural aspects of budgeting

· Problems in budgeting

Budgetary Control and Long-term Planning

DCF and capital investment appraisal
Capital investment decisions

· Organisational and accounting control systems

· Standard costing

· Flexed budgets and variance analysis

· Types of variances and the reasons they occur

· Planning and operational variances

Financing the business and strategic accounting
Internal and External Sources of Finance
Financing the business

· Sources of finance

· Gearing

· Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

· Cost of debt and equity capital

· Risk analysis and CAPM

Strategic accounting

· Outline of strategic management accounting

· Competitor information and strategic positioning

· Competitive advantage

· Strategic accounting systems, and the balanced scorecard

· New role for managers and accountants

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