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Learning Solutions, 411052, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The on-demand deployment option, also referred to as a hosted service or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), presents you with a ready-to-use system at a low initial acquisition cost which can be deployed in a matter of days.

We offer a choice of subscription-based pricing models (yearly or pay-as-you-go), which, in addition to the low initial cost, further ensure a low total cost of ownership.

This option is ideal for organizations of varying sizes and readiness, and can be especially effective for those that may be initiating eLearning programs or are switching over from another LMS but may not want to invest heavily in hardware, IT management, and overall maintenance.

Your UpsideLMS application is installed on our secure, fast, and robust servers and completely managed by our expert team. This means you don't have to worry about deployment, configuration, maintenance, upgradation, or even content addition. The service also comes with a 24x7 guarantee for both uptime and support - so you can spend your time on enhancing learning and development rather than system management and maintenance.

Both UpsideLMS Enterprise and UpsideLMS Professional can be deployed On-Demand and configured to a high degree as per need. If the LMS needs to communicate with some of your other systems (e.g. ERP, HRM, Authentication systems), this can be achieved in this deployment model as long as the option to enable communication over the Internet is available for your existing systems.

With On-Demand UpsideLMS, you can start managing and tracking your organizational learning in just a matter of days, as and when you need it.

With basic configuration related to branding and data setup implemented in a couple of weeks, there is complete control and predictability on determining a prompt system 'go-live' date. Depending on the level and type of customization, this could literally be as soon as a couple of weeks. Some customizations could be carried out in the background, enabling you to actually start delivering online training almost instantly. Additionally, by significantly increasing performance predictability, the risk of facing unknown challenges during implementation is practically eliminated.

The on-demand model significantly reduces the various costs of using a Learning Management System:

* System implementation, configuration, and deployment: this is done by our team, saving your time and cost.
* Server hardware and software licenses: these costs do not exist as separate cost items as they are apportioned in the per-user fee for each client. With servers shared across multiple clients, the amount charged to a single client is very low. You also save on annual maintenance and upgrade costs, as well as time-to-time hardware replacement costs.
* IT management and support: this cost, which includes the cost of the IT team that manages the server hardware and the IT support for the same, is also apportioned in the per-user fee for each client and thus non-existent as a separate cost item.
* Time to train administrators and IT personnel: since our team takes care of system management and support, you save on the time-and hence cost-of training.

In this deployment model, you can reduce the total cost of LMS ownership by over 60%, which amounts to a tangible and substantial saving in the total cost of ownership.

With low total ownership cost, and Upside Learning taking care of uptime and support, the overall risk associated with this deployment model is dramatically reduced.

By implementing UpsideLMS as a hosted LMS, you can continue to focus with undiluted attention on your core business. This model ensures key resources are not diverted from revenue-critical activities, thus adding to overall cost-effectiveness and improving the overall efficiency of the training management teams.

Since the commitment of providing the hardware, server software, uptime, and support is provided by Upside Learning, you face no cost of scaling up to any number. Whatever your growth in terms of number of users or courses, our team will make sure that adequate resource-augmentation steps are taken through constant monitoring. This ensures that the right resources are added at the right time as you grow your usage of the syste

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