Advanced Diploma in Mobile Application Development using J2ME


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Important information

Typology Diploma
Methodology Online
Location Calicut
Duration 3 Months
  • Diploma
  • Online
  • Calicut
  • Duration:
    3 Months


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
Post Box No. 5, P. O. NIT Campus, 673601, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
Post Box No. 5, P. O. NIT Campus, 673601, Kerala, India
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Course programme

This program focuses on brining the students who wanted to learn about the utilization of J2ME features in order to develop an eligible and good-looking enterprise-class application for the mobile handset, the set-top boxes & other small foot-print devices. This Hands-On training program offers students with concentrated practical tuition with the use of Sun J2ME. The covered topics focus on tool & environment which is there to help in developing Java applications that run on mobile & wire-less devices. This program is developed for the current scenario based on the industrial requirements.
Course Objective:
This three months intensive training program is specifically prepared to address the developer's requirements so that they can become experts in Mobile Application development with the help of J2ME environment. It is not required for the students to come to the main center & attend sessions to get the certificate. There are some On Demand sessions, those would be conducted with the use of WebEx Cloud. Students can pursuer this course online.
Course Outcome:
Upon completion, the students can get,
a. The exposure in the concepts of OOPs & Java programming basics.
b. To get exposure in the use of Java in mobile application.
c. Become expert in design & develop various mobile applications with the use of Java & J2ME.
d. Practical experience in Core Java with networking concept.
e. Practical experience in developing Mobile applications with the use of J2ME, like SMS, MMS, Gaming, Multimedia & JavaFX.
Structure of the program:
Sequence. Module Time length
1 Core Java 3 Weeks
2 J2ME Basics in MIDP 4 Weeks
3 Advanced J2ME 3 Weeks
4 Projects 3 Weeks
The students can pursue this virtual program with their study or work from their home or office. The program is delivered in online Learning mode with the use of Moodle Learning Management Systems. The effective evaluation method is used in the program in order to ensure the effectiveness of this training. The total mark for this program & grading strategies are announced in the starting of this program. After every 7 days the result of weekly activities is declared.
Start Date
End date for application form submission 18 Feb' 11
Selection intimation on website 21 Feb' 11
End date of the payment of course fees & the receipt of the attested copy of Certificate from Student 28 Feb' 11
Starting of classes 7 Mar' 11
Fees Charges
Course fee charges is Rs. 8000/- plus Service Tax (Current service tax rate is 10.3%).
Please note that Full Tuition Fees or Examination fees will be waived for SC or ST students. Participants will have to contact the Training Officer to get the information on fees payable by them for the Course material & other charge.
Eligibility & Min. Requirement:
BE or B.Tech, (ITor computer Science or Electronics, MCA, BCA or equal to any of these degrees. Degree holder with PGDCA, DOEACC A, B level, Diploma in Computer Science, Electronic, or other diplomas with equivalent experiences.

The PC availability (Windows XP or later, minimum 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD, 2.4GHz processors) with Broadband Internet Connection at the student end is mandatory so that he/she can attend the program without fail

Course Content:

1. Core Java
Week one:
i. Java Fundamental [One Day]
a. Start with the Introduction of Java & OOP's,
b. JVM, Java Program Structure with basic example,
ii. Java Comment [One Day]
iii. Data Type & Variable [One Day]
iv. Command Lines Argument [One Day]
v. Operators [Day One]
1st Week Assignment (Five Program [each carrying 10 mark]) & Quiz (25 Mark)
Week Two:
i. Conditional Statement [One Day]
ii. Loop (while, do while & for loop) [One Day]
iii. Expression [One Day]
iv. Methods & Array [One Day]
v. Classes & Objects [One Day]
2nd Week Assignment (Five Courses [each Carrying Ten marks]) & Quiz (25 Mark)
Week Three:
i. Interface [One Day]
ii. Catch Exception [One Day]
iii. File I or O & Streams [One Day]
iv. Collections [One Day]
v. Thread & Multithreading [One Day]
3rd Week Assignment (Five Programs [each carrying 10 marks]) & Quiz (25 Mark)

2. J2ME Basic in MIDP
Week Four:

i. Introduce J2ME & MIDP [Two days]
a. Basic
b. Life-cycle
c. Building & Packaging & Deploying MIDlets
d. Application Descriptors
e. MIPD Package
f. MIDP Context
ii. High Level UI API [Three Days]
a. Present UI in MIDlet
b. Organize a UI by Screen
c. Form & Item
d. Layout Control
e. Text Field Class
f. Date Field Class
g. Choice Group Class
h. Other Items Classes
i. Alert
j. Ticker
4th Week Assignment (Five Programs [each carrying Ten marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)
Week Five:
i. Low Level UI API [Three Days]
a. Canvas Classes
b. 2D Graphic
c. Font
d. Drawing Texts
e. Repaintings
ii. Event handling Part I [Two Days]
a. Event Architectures
b. Handling of HighLevel event
c. Command
d. Item state change
5th Week Assignments (Five Programs [each carrying 10 marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)
Week Six:
i. Handling of Event Part II [Two Days]
a. Low Level events handling
b. Key board inputs
c. Pointer inputs
d. MVC Pattern & in application Designs
e. Models events
ii. Thread & Timer [Three days]
a. CLDC Threading models
b. Thread & Runnables
c. Timer Classs
d. Timer Task Class
e. Scheduling Timer Tasks
6th Week Assignments (Five Programs [each carrying 10 marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)
Week Seven:

i. Java Data-base Connectivity (JDBC) [Two Days]
ii. Recorda Management Systems (RMS) - Data Base Programming [One Day]
iii. Network Programming [Two Days]
a. CLDC Stream model
b. Supporting package
c. Creating connection
d. Making an HTTP requisition
e. TCP & UDP
7th Week Assignments (5 Programs [each carrying 10 marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)

3. Advance J2ME

Week Eight:
i. Best Practice [Two Days]
a. Handling of Exception
b. Cleaning up the resources
c. UI designing Consideration
d. Portability Consideration
e. Cross Platform development
ii. Develop Short Message Service (SMS) [Three Days]
8th Week Assignments (Five Programs [each carrying Ten marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)

Week Nine:

i. Develop application for Audio & Video [Two Days]
ii. Develop MMS [Two days]
iii. Java Game [One Day]
9th Week Assignments (Five Programs [each carrying ten marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)

Week Ten:
i. Java FX Preface [Two Days]
ii. MIDP2.0 Security [One Day]
iii. Preface of Securing SMS & MMS [Two Days]
10th Week Assignments (Five Programs [each carrying ten marks]) & Quiz (25 Marks)

Project information: In the 3rd week project period (Week ten, participants shall initiate the project work & can complete the analysis before initiating the allocated project time period), participants must develop the software in any of the fields included in this course with the help of the professors. Participants can also take any similar project from industry.

Num. Project Phase Time lenght Mark
1 Analyze Along with Week Tenth 50 Marks.
2 Designing One Week(Week Eleventh) 50 Marks.
3 Code One Week(Week Twelfth) 50 Marks.
4 Testing & Implementations One Week(Week Thirteenth) 50 Marks.
5 External Evaluation 50 Marks.
Total marks 250 Marks.

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