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Typology Diploma
Location Calicut
Duration 1 Year
  • Diploma
  • Calicut
  • Duration:
    1 Year

As the entertainment industry changing with effect of globalization, recession, technology. The expectations of production houses about a skilled candidate have also changed. To meet the industry demands our experts have put together a revised curriculum.

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3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
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Course programme

1st semester Week 1 to week 8

Subjects Covered
Hand Exercises
Drawing strait horizontal and vertical lines
Drawing circles
Shading dark do light inside box within its boundaries
Drawing lines at equal distance
Dividing lines and shapes
Create a symmetrical freehand drawing
Drawing symmetrical objects like wine glass or flower vase etc.
Exercises to develop visual and time sense
Understanding patterns of nature
Perception of shapes from relationship of lines
Perception of scale/ size with relative scale
Clapping on prerecorded beets etc.
Composition, Perspective with Objects Drawing
Composition theory of thirds and shell
Balancing frame
Negative and positive space
Composing exercises with geometrical shapes
Composition with arranging different in front of camera
One point perspective, two and three point perspective
Relationship between frame, horizon and foreground objects
Perspective with color, contrast and details
Drawing objects / still life
History of Animation
History of animation in Hollywood
History of animation in India
Character Design
Working with description of character
Character proportions
Costume and peripherals
Design element
Classical Animation, Part 1
Principals of animation
Bouncing ball
Bouncing ball with different obstacles
Getting character with simple geometrical shapes applying principals of animation
Working with Background movements and camera movements
Malty plane camera and impossible perspective layouts
3D Modeling, Part 1
Introduction to 3D software UI
Basics of 3D envirment
Shapes, lofting, revolve/ lathe
3D Animation, Part 1
Timeline, frame rate setting
Keyframing auto and manual
Graph editor and easein easeout intro
Dope sheet
3D Texturing, Part 1
Introduction to material qualities
Material editor/ Hyper shade/ malty leister
Mapping (plane, spherical, cylindrical etc.)
Handling clay
Studying object from all sides
Sculpting with adding
Sculpting with cutting (like carving on stone)

2nd semester Week 9 to week 16

Subjects Covered
Film Theory
Story flow, breaking of shots and sequence
Camera angels
180 degree theory
30 degree rule
Screen direction
Continuity and hookups
Life Drawing,
Anatomical study of human body
Applying human anatomy on animation character
Similarities in basic structure of different animals
Fitting human anatomy in non moving objects
Color theory and Photoshop
Intro to Photoshop
Primary and secondary colors
Hue, Saturation and value
Color harmony
Color and mood
3D Lighting, Part 1
Understanding lighting
Basic lighting workflow
Types of lights
Using shadows
3D Modeling, Part 2
Polygons over view
Polygons menus
Polygons windows and editors
Sculpting mesh surfaces
Polygons nodes
Polygons modeling Principles
Creating props with Polygons
3D Animation, Part 2
Pure physics
Physics tail
Obstacle course
3D Texturing, Part 2
The UV foundation
Unwrapping UV
Creating textures using Photoshop
Dynamics / Particles
Introduction to particles
Velocity, shape, life, color and opacity
Compositing (AE or Fusion)
Introduction to imaging technology
Layering and masking
Color correction
Film appreciation / analyzing on weekends
Analyzing structure of film making
Introducing different styles of films
Show of making of contemporary commercial animation film

3rd Semester Week 17 to Week 24

Subjects Covered
Advanced Maya Dynamics, Part 1
Maya particles in detail
Soft and rigid bodies
Advanced VFX Compositing/Advanced VFX Development, Part 1
Vfx compositing work flow
Rotoscopy using Nuke, Combustion and fusion
Matt painting
Film appreciation / analyzing on weekends
Analyzing different techniques in each stream

4th Semester Week 25 to Week 32

Subjects Covered
Basics of story writing
Basic structure of story writing
Different types stories
Story writing for animation
Concept Development
Developing concept based on story
Developing concept based on technique
Developing concept based on music and dance
Developing concept based on abstract/ theme
Developing concept material in form of reference, Drawings/ painting, style etc.
Production work flow
Work flow of episodic animation studio
Work flow of feature films
Work flow of Animation and VFX for advertisements
Roles and responsibilities of typical studios
Revising summery of film theory
Translating script in key visuals
Developing story board
Adobe Premiere or Final cut Pro
Introduction to software UI and few essential transitions
Preparing animatics using storyboard developed before
Adding reference music and audio/ dialogue tracks
Presenting to the jury for feedback
Final Project Development, Part 1 (All Students)
Advanced Maya Dynamics, Part 2 (Visual Effects Stream)
Dynamic animation
Relationship editor
Dynamic nodes
Advanced VFX Compositing/Advanced VFX Development, Part 1 (Visual Effects Stream)
Wire removal, rig removal, clean plate
Roto tracking
Tracking clean plates
Keying technology
Morphing warping
Film appreciation / analyzing on weekends

5th Semester Week 33 to Week 40

Subjects Covered
Final Project Development, Part 2
Advanced Maya Dynamics Part 3
Introduction to Maya fluid
Texturing and shading fluid
Advanced VFX Compositing/Advanced VFX Development, Part 3
Motion tracking and match moving
Crowd manipulation
3D compositing system
Color correction
Motion graphics
Film appreciation / analyzing on weekends

6th Semester Week 41 to Week 48

Subjects Covered
Final Project Development, Part 3
Introduction to industry
Professional ethics
Interview Skills

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