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RUPALI’S COOKERY CLASSES discovering the great cook in you… Welcome to Rupali’s Kitchen, the centre of Rupali’s Epicurean Cookery Classes.Rupali’s practical, fun and informal approach makes the learning process simple and enjoyable and goes a long way in discovering the great cook in you… If you’re just... See more

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Manju Monga's Cookery Classes

Manju Monga has been conducting cookery classes since the past 10 years. Over these years, she has been teaching a variety of cuisines from the world over.Currently she teaches around 52 different courses consisting of a mind-boggling array of culinary delights.During these 10 eventful years, she has... See more

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Mahek’s Good House Keeping Cooking Classes

Welcome to the world of Exotic Cakes & Chocolates, made with the finest ingredients and presented in style. Sweets To You presents a variety of Cakes & Chocolates to suit your personal tastes and for all occasions. Sweets which are ideal for gifting on festive occasions are also a welcome change from... See more

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Academy of World Arts and Cultural Heritages

The Academy is a renowned and extremely respected private educational institution. Founded in 1995, thousands of students both professional and hobbyist have participated in the wide variety of courses offered here since. Our aim has been to teach our students not just the actual craft at hand but to... See more

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Music and Dance Class

The Institute offers variety of courses in dance,art,music and also undertakes summer camps related programs. The Institute is situated in Pitampura. See more

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Komal's Kitchen

Komal Taneja was born in Amritsar (Punjab, India). She has graduated as a Delhi Univ. Topper in Bsc. Botany Hons and is a registered Pharmacist, but her real passion lies in playing with unconventional combinations of ingredients to innovate & create exquisite recipes in her books and articles & her... See more

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Dance Classes

Dance soothes eyes, it not only adds aesthetic beauty of human form in front of you, but a combination of music and body movement together in harmony indeed creates magic – a magic that leaves one in awe. Dance has always been an integral part of humans and its evolution. Dance has been one of the arts... See more

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Acharya Maitreya Astro Academy

Acharya Maitreya Astro Academy offers the student : *Astrological education with professionally qualified and experienced astrological educators. *Faculty members who are active in the astrological community locally, nationally and internationally. *A school which is internationally recognised. *A syllabus... See more

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Dolce Music Institute

Dolce music institute is a premier western music school in Hyderabad, India. Founded by a skilled musician Alexander in 1999,it caters over 400 students every year and is regarded as one of the best music institutes in Hyderabad with a highly experienced and qualified faculty.The emphasis is not just... See more

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  • At Andhra Pradesh

Balajee Academy of Talents

Balajee Academy of Talents is an institute for acting modelling, dance and music set up by Mohit Manocha and Deepak Sharma. It provides a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talent in the field of art. This academy also hosts and organises events, shows, theatre, fashion shows, music videos... See more

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Amrapaali Kala Peeth

The Institute provides a prestigious platform to its students to enhance their hidden talent. Besides that, it also renders financial aid to the deserving students in the form of fee waivers. It has also provided employment to a number of bright students and they've been doing well in their respective... See more

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV) is the university of the pure and applied knowledge of Veda which has been brought to light by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as Vedic Science and Technology. Established in 1995 by a unanimous Act of the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh and... See more

  • 25 courses
  • At Uttar Pradesh

S.S. Music Academy

S.S. Music Academy was founded by G.V. Prabhakar (Musician). The activities of the Society are imparting education in Music with a non-profit motive for public utility of any caste or age. And help to poor students, physically handicapped people by way of imparting Music free of cost. Since it amounts... See more

  • 21 courses
  • At Andhra Pradesh

Cyber Chess Academy

At what age should you teach chess? Cyber Chess has always said this! And will continue to do so! Chess is a game for children and children can learn the game as early as 2 years old, but we believe that concepts can be understood more clearly from the age of 4! So we always insist that a child who wishes... See more

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Nita Mehta Cooking Classes

Nita Mehta has done cooking programmes for various TV channels and has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries. She also has several cooking institutes under the name of "Nita Mehta Culinary Academy" in New Delhi (India), where she has trained several thousand aspiring... See more

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Path of Music

Welcome to world of music,dance & art institute PMDATM Stands for path of music ,dance & Art institute for the performing Art. Mr Vinit has established the year - 21 june 1996. The institute is dedicates towards furthering creativity knowledge, pedagogy & performac in misic,dance & art preparing students... See more

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Noida School of Rock

If you were to walk down the rooms of a school at various times of the day you would experience a mix of sounds and voices that might include:* One of our rock bands* An academic class* A concert rehearsal* Individual instruction* Practicing students* Budding musicians jammingThis is a place of music... See more

  • 9 courses
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Passion Music and Dance Music Institute

Passion – The Music & Dance Institute is an endeavor to promote formal learning of Western and Indian styles of music, dance and other performing arts. But more than that, it is our shared vision to be able to provide a medium for people to explore their creative possibilities. With a growing fraternity... See more

  • 17 courses
  • At Delhi

Rano Suri Cooking Classes

Mrs. Rano Suri is a well known cooking expert whose cooking skills have been honoured over the last many years. Her culinary skills and varied knowledge and experience have helped her delicious spectacular recipies. She is giving this knowledge to students since 1985 . She has inspired many novices to... See more

  • 16 courses
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At MUSICTEK it is our goal to inspire as many young (and not-so-young) people as possible to want to play music. With all the negatives in the world today, this is our way of contributing a positive action toward spiritual happiness, which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So parents, if your... See more

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