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I-PAD Technologies
In Hyderabad

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Typology Training
Location Hyderabad
  • Training
  • Hyderabad


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Starts Location
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Ramakrishna Niwas 2nd & 4th Floor Flat No. 401 Sanjeev Reddy Nagar, 500038, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
Ramakrishna Niwas 2nd & 4th Floor Flat No. 401 Sanjeev Reddy Nagar, 500038, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

I-PAD Technologies Promises the future of education in Information Technology by dedicating it self towards sharpening your technical and soft skills to improve your chances in this competitive world. Silent Features are...

Ø I-PAD Technologies assures robust, practical and industry-worth guidance and training to the student.

Ø I-PAD Technologies offers the student community a complete exposure to all application/firmware development activities carried at our offshore research center

Ø Faculties with rich teaching experience and considerable practical experience will be involved in the training program.

Ø The required infrastructure for conducting the program will be available in totally.

Ø It is assured that the program will be conducted, strictly based on agreed curriculum and time schedules with the at most professionalism.

Ø Heavy emphasis will be laid on practical issues to make the students worthy of the industry at the conclusion of the training program.

Ø Communication skills and Confidence building will be an integral part of the program.


We are proud to be the pioneers in "Hardware and Networking". Just when everyone was bent upon Software, we foresaw the tremendous potential in Hardware and Networking, and successfully emerged as one of the best IT Company for Hardware and Networking Solutions and the best institute for Hardware and Networking Training. Today the two sides of its business are equally balanced. The expertise of its training is coupled with a strong commitment to provide the best Hardware and Networking solutions. This has put I-PAD Technologies in the unique position of deriving synergies between Network Solutions and IT Training. At I-PAD Technologies, we have versatile, highly qualified and certified Hardware and Networking Engineers with varied academic backgrounds and is headed by Mr.Srinivasa Rao.K. The teaching staff are in the field with the complete understanding of the IT industry, its prospects and are provident enough to see to it that you are equipped with the latest knowledge in the ever changing world of IT industry. After extensive learning, we subject our students to some Real Time situations (which is often created by our staff) and student left alone, to handle the situation, to overcome the problem, with his own solutions. In this way, he is getting experienced, even before the completion of course and is very much ready to seek the job with tremendous confidence.

In keeping view of the student's requirements, the I-PAD Technologies are providing 24-hour lab facility. The lab is also open on all Sundays / Holidays Our labs are enormous and equipped with the latest systems available in the industry today. We also have product maintenance engineers who see to it that our systems are fully functional at all times. We have a good library, shelving books with latest versions and editions covering various topics on Real Time situations and Trouble shooting, etc.

* Why J2EE
o Type of applications?
o Which application is currently running?
o What type of applications does J2EE support?
o Need of J2EE?
o Advantages of J2EE and Scope
* Type of architectures
o 1,2,3...n tire architectures
o Enterprise Architecture
o Advanced distributed architectures
o Which architecture is used at what situation?
o J2EE Architecture
o Brief introduction to J2EE Technologies

* RMI-IIOP(Remote Method Invocation-Internet Inter ORB Protocol)
* LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
o JNDI architecture

· JDBC 3.0

o Database fundamentals

o Types of drivers

o Java SQL packages

o Integrating database support into web applications and enterprise applications

o Scrollable and Updatable Result sets

o Batch updations

o JNDI Naming for databases

o Datasource and Rowsets (JNDIRowsets, WebRowsets and CachedRowsets)

o Connection Pooling

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o XML Basics
o Why is it called universal format for data exchange
o DTD's and XML schemas
o XSL and CSS
o XSLT's and parsers

o Java API for XML parsing



o Java API for XML Binding

o Introduction to JAXR

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* Servlets 2.4

o Servlet Container

o Servlet Life Cycle

o Types of Servlets

o Sessions and Cookies

o Servlet Listeners

o Servlet Chaining, filtering

o Request Dispatching

o URL Rewriting

* JSP 2.0

o Architecture

o Browsing and querying with database

o Dispatchers

o Tag Extentions

o Adv. Custom JSP pages

o Writing Maintainable JSP pages


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* EJB 2.1

o EJB Architecture

o Bean Types

o Session Beans

o Stateless session beans

o Stateful session beans

o Entity Beans

o CMP(Container Managed Persistence)

o BMP(Bean Managed Persistence)

o Message Driven Beans

o EJB Connection Pooling

o EJB QL(Query Language)

o EJB with Transactions

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o JAF (Java Activation Framework)

* Web Services





* JTA (Java Transation API)
* JMX (Java Management Extensions)
* JCE (Java Cryptography Extensions)
* JAAS (Java Authentication and Aurthorization Services)
* JMS (Java Messaging Service)

o Point to Point Model

o Publisher Subscribe Model

* JCA (Java Connector Architecture)
* Struts and Design Patterns
o Apache's struts 1.1
o J2EE Core Design Patterns
* Web Servers
o Tomcat 5.0
o Java Web Server 2.0
* Application Servers
o Apache Tomcat 4.24 and 5.0 on both Windows and Linux Platforms

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